Spring 2021


Deepika Sandhu ’99


Hello Universe, It’s Me: How I Scheduled a Breakdown and Manifested a New Life (and How You Can Too)


In Hello Universe, It’s Me, Sandhu takes readers on her personal journey to discover the life that aligned with her soul, beyond the one based on everything she was supposed to do. Part memoir, part how-to guide, her book shows how to “schedule a breakdown” to unearth a life of meaning.


January 8, 2021



Breanna Deutsch ’12

Finding the Fountain: Why Government Must Unlock Biotech’s Potential to Maximize Longevity


The greatest risk factor for many chronic diseases and ailments is old age. Scientists are developing technologies to treat aging and potentially defy old age, but these technologies face steep hurdles in getting from bench to bedside. Deutsch argues that the U.S. government must prioritize and help expedite the development of safe and effective longevity biotechnology.


New Degree Press, 2020



Grace Miel Jasper ’16
Published under Miel Moreland

It Goes Like This

In this young-adult debut, four queer teens test the resilience of friendship and the power of music amid environmental calamity and the disquietude of growing up.

Feiwel and Friends, May 18, 2021