Fall 2021


Book cover from "Dear Specimen: Poems"Wendy Herbert ’73 


Dear Specimen: Poems


In her five-part collection of interwoven poems from a dying parent to a daughter, Herbert examines the human capacity for grief, culpability, and love, asking: Do we as a species deserve to survive?


Beacon Press, October 5, 2021



Book cover of "Raising, and Losing,  My Remarkable Teenage Mother"Stacey Aaronson ’00

Raising, and Losing, My Remarkable Teenage Mother: A Memoir


Aaronson’s book is a “tender yet ebullient celebration of life, of love, of death’s mysterious passage, and the mystical forces that bind us all.”


Astoria Books, 2021



Book cover of "An Eschatological Isolation"Ammura Hernandez ’15


An Eschatological Isolation: A Resident Physician’s Reflections from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Resident physician Hernandez is passionate about the intersections of medicine, humanities, diversity, and social change. An Eschatological Isolation is her debut collection of poetry.


Finishing Line Press, 2021