Campaign Progress: Endowed Scholarships

From the moment a prospective student and their family visit our website, we make a promise: Scripps will provide the best liberal arts education imaginable.

Hiring accomplished faculty, developing rigorous interdisciplinary coursework, providing a rich residential experience, and offering immersive research and internship opportunities—these are just some of the ways in which we fulfill that promise.

Unfortunately, many of our students are not able to take full advantage of the Scripps promise. Those who worry about paying for their education and graduating with a minimum of debt often find themselves having to prioritize work over school to make ends meet. And, concerns about affordability saddle students with fears—about themselves and their families—that distract them from their studies and interfere with their engagement in campus life.

We want all who attend Scripps to be able to take full advantage of the resources and opportunities the College offers. To help fulfill our promise to students, President Lara Tiedens has issued a challenge as we near the end of the More Scripps Campaign: raise $10 million in endowed scholarship support.

Gifts to this new scholarship initiative will help us:

  • Provide complete grant support to our lowest-income students and families. Students with household incomes under $100,000 will receive full grant support instead of having to take on student loans.
  • Stabilize the loan amount for students and families. Currently, the ratio of grant to loan changes each year, with loans making up increasingly more of the package they receive. We’d like to fix that loan amount  to $3,500 each year.
  • Enhance the quality of life for current and future students, ensuring that we deliver on our promise of an immersive, transformative social and academic experience.

his is a key moment in Scripps’ history. By taking on one of the greatest challenges in higher education today—affordability—we are poised to become a national leader in making liberal arts education accessible for students of all incomes. Help us deliver on our promise to students by making a gift
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