From the Scripps Association of Families and Parent Leadership Council Cochairs Cheryl and David Scheidemantle P’17

As parents, we have found ourselves part of the communities to which our students, led by their own passions and interests, have affiliated themselves. When our students were younger, community arose through the local schools our students attended, their artistic and musical endeavors, and their chosen sports. Because our students’ pursuits were close to home, these groups overlapped, sharing common families among them, thereby deepening their bonds. With our students now away at college, commonality of location is no longer, and the Scripps community is therefore disparate. As a result, for most of us, it is brand new, unexplored territory!

The geographical breadth of a college community presents both challenges and advantages. We are challenged to find opportunities to assemble and forge the connections that strengthen a community and give it longevity. We are advantaged because, if we make the effort, we are rewarded with new, lifelong friends, fascinating and diverse people whom we otherwise would never have met. A blessing! Our students are also advantaged. A community made cloudy by geographic dispersal has a silver lining: connections and job opportunities throughout the world, benefiting not only each fortunate student but Scripps as a whole.

The Scripps Association of Families (SAF) is about community and exists to ease the challenges and promote the advantages of dispersal. The core of SAF’s mission lies in the discovery of community through connection: connecting families with students, with Scripps, and with each other. The depth of connection to the Scripps community is up to each family to determine. Some families are recipients of information provided by SAF but are not otherwise actively engaging. Other families become more involved, attending Family Weekend, other on-campus programs, and Scripps events in their own locales. Still other families become community leaders, forming local Scripps chapters, hosting events, networking with students and each other, providing internship opportunities, and participating in Career Planning & Resources programs.

It has been said that, in a community, we are drawn together by what we share in common and then discover and grow as a result of our differences. We have certainly found this to be true for Scripps and have vastly enjoyed volunteering with SAF. To learn how to increase the depth of your own connection to the Scripps community or to donate to Scripps, please visit


Warm regards,

Cheryl and David Scheidemantle P’17


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