From the Alumnae Association President Kendra Armer ’93

What communities were you a part of at Scripps? Have you maintained those connections since graduating, or have they changed? My deepest connections were formed during my first year in Dorsey Hall, and those friendships continue today. I added to those connections through the classes I took and the residence halls I lived in, and I have continued to build on them as I have gotten to know alumnae from other class years. Perhaps if you worked at the Motley, played on a sports team, were involved with a CLORG, or spent long hours in a studio or lab, those were avenues that led you to your Scripps communities.

When I meet fellow Scripps grads, the conversation follows a predictable path: What was your major? What halls did you live in? Did you study abroad? Suddenly, we have a connection that crosses generations, every time. And although the Core humanities program has changed over the years, that, too, becomes a point of conversation as we compare our experiences.

What would you like the Scripps community to be for you now? I hope you will think both about what you need and about what you can give back to the College. Are you seeking a mentor or seeking to mentor someone? Would you like to find others with experience in your industry or field? Can you offer expertise to someone new to your area? To make connecting with the Scripps community easier, the College recently launched the Scripps Community Network, an online portal for alumnae, students, and families to connect with each other, explore Scripps volunteer opportunities, register for events, donate to Scripps, and more.

I hope you will log on, update your profile, get connected, and then stay connected! For assistance with login credentials, please contact the Office of Alumnae Engagement at (909) 621-8054 or Visit the Scripps Community Network at , and I’ll see you there.

Best wishes,

Kendra Armer ’93


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