The Final Countdown

The Final CountdownWith over $140M raised as of April 2017, More Scripps is in its final stretch, with only a year remaining. SCOTT BUSIEL, associate director for advancement communications, sat down with MICHAEL ARCHIBALD, vice president of institutional advancement, to talk about the months ahead.

SCOTT BUSIEL: What has been accomplished as a result of the $140M in gifts?

MICHAEL ARCHIBALD: We have created over 30 named, need-based scholarship endowments, and we have established four new faculty professorships through the Weinberg Professorship Challenge. The Laspa Center for Leadership is now a reality, and we completed a number of major construction projects, including NEW Hall, the Joan and David Lincoln Ceramic Art Building, and the Katherine Howard Miller ’55 Wing of the Bette Cree Edwards ’49 Humanities Building.

I am thrilled that approximately 74 percent of alumnae have given to the campaign since it began in 2009—it has been exciting to see our community rally behind More Scripps. It’s also important to recognize the time and talent that that our community gives. Scripps alumnae, families, and friends regularly hire, mentor, host, and advocate for our students—when we think about measuring gifts, it’s important to count their contributions, too.

SB: President Lara Tiedens joined Scripps toward the end of the campaign. What impact has her leadership had?

MA: President Tiedens has been firmly committed to the campaign goals and priorities. This will likely be our biggest year in gift receipts, and this is due in part to the excitement around her arrival as well as her engagement with our community via the nine In Person events we hosted in 2016–17. At the same time that President Tiedens is helping Scripps finish what we started, she is positioning us for a new phase of strategic planning and a correlating fundraising plan to propel the College forward.

SB: As we look toward this final year of More Scripps, what are some of the remaining priorities?

MA: It is important for Scripps to build annual alumnae participation back over 40 percent. In 2015–16, only 29 percent of alumnae gave to the College. There are also still many unmet priorities. We have raised $67M to support our endowment, now totaling over $300M. A college’s endowment undergirds its long-term financial strength and is an essential barometer for national rankings. It also critically supports faculty and students by providing academic resources and scholarships.

Financial aid and scholarships are a huge priority, and we have raised $21M toward our $35M goal. No gift is more important than one that makes Scripps possible for deserving students who may not have the resources to pursue higher education. Additionally, we would like to further reduce the loan portion of our financial aid and replace it with outright grant aid whenever possible.

There is also a need for more student mental health and wellness services. Scripps is committed to expanding its existing resources, and some have been asking how they can help in this area. If donors are interested in supporting students in this way, they may now designate their gifts online.

Scripps is in need of a new dance studio—the current facility supports hundreds of 5C students each week. We need another $4M in gifts to support this $8M project.

Looking ahead, we are hoping to make progress on a handful of projects that will be key priorities in the upcoming strategic plan. These include expanding the W.M. Keck Science Center, renovating the Drake Wing, which will house the Laspa Center, and establishing a new Humanities Common that will bring our curriculum to the broader community and serve as a resource for faculty and students.

In this last year of More Scripps, it is important to keep the commitments we made nearly a decade ago. We send a heartfelt “thank you” to donors who have supported the College at any level— we cannot do this work without you!


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