From the Alumnae Association President

By Libby Greig DeMeo ’95

Little did I know, walking down Elm Tree Lawn in my cap and gown in 1995, that I would spend my first two decades after Scripps in the high-tech industry. Although I did not take computer science or digital media courses at Scripps, my interdisciplinary education provided me with the confidence to jump into the unknown, the courage to thrive in an ever-evolving industry of web and application development, and the hopefulness that technology had the potential to improve our everyday lives.

Full disclosure: I have a love-hate relationship with technology. It has afforded me immediate access to information that led to better decision making, improved efficiencies in my personal and professional life, and the ability to stay connected with family and friends who are spread across the globe, for which I am so grateful. But the always-on, ever-present-ness has produced a tension in my day-to-day life I am still trying to wrestle with, and I have certainly developed an empathy for those on the receiving end of digital messages! The constant push and pull of technology has reminded me that moderation is critical, as is not getting caught up in false senses of reality.

All that said, I am excited to add an important new resource to my technology toolbox this spring—the Scripps Community Network. Our community has been asking for more opportunities to network with fellow alumnae, students, and parents. The network will enable all of us to explore our broad Scripps community through organized networking and events, spontaneous connections, and timely access to upcoming events, whether locally or internationally. I also look forward to greater visibility for the activities of Career Planning & Resources and to connecting current students with even more alumnae mentorship opportunities.

Join me this spring in engaging with our remarkable community—locally, online, and on campus.




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