From the Scripps Association of Families and Parent Leadership Council Cochairs

By Cheryl and David Scheidemantle P’17

As parents, we are interested in exploring the technologies available to help maintain our connections with our daughter, Sara ’17, and the College community. While we were already aware of some of these tools, we learned more as we prepared this letter.

Have you ever wandered the Scripps campus, enjoying the warm Claremont air, eyeing the historic architecture, listening to the birds, and really getting why your student chose Scripps—but not quite sure how to find where you were going? We were relieved to find the helpful map on the Scripps app, available for both iPhone and Android.

Did you miss the latest Scripps student publication? Take a look at For those interested in leadership at Scripps, the Laspa Center is now online at

For examples of ways to share your time, talent, or treasure at Scripps, check out To help with our essential goal of fundraising participation by 100 percent of families, visit

Follow SAF at; connect with other Scripps families on LinkedIn at Scripps College Association of Families; experience Scripps College campus life on Instagram via @ScrippsCollege; and receive updates by following Scripps College on Twitter via @scrippscollege.

The most exciting new resource is the Scripps Community Network. Launching this spring, the network is an online portal that connects parents, students, and alumnae. For years, Scripps students have asked for a way to link with parents and alumnae in specific fields and regions for the opportunity to seek career advice, attain internships, and secure jobs. The network will satisfy this demand and will also give parents and alumnae the chance to forge their own relationships, just as the SAF mission envisions.

Warm regards,

Cheryl and David Scheidemantle P’17


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