Births and Adoptions

Rebecca Eacret Kaplan ’99 (Los Angeles)
Our son, Jonathan George, was born on June 2, 2016. He has joined big brother, Zachary, and happy parents at home.

Christina Coggins ’05 (Costa Mesa, California)
Long overdue! I had my second son, Chase Miller, June 14, 2014, and my daughter, Alice Christina, was born January 23, 2016.

Karen Trevizo-Diaz ’09 (Riverside, California)
My husband, Pedro Trevizo, and I gave birth to our second child, Alicia Sophia, on March 8, 2016.


Elizabeth “Betty” Berry Kesler (Long Beach, California)
Family and friends gathered for a lovely brunch to celebrate my 100th birthday on October 11, 2015, hosted by my three children, at the Virginia Country Club in Long Beach. Among the 64 guests were four grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and relatives from Spain, Montana, and Florida.


Claire Thurmond Roberts (Carpinteria, California)
I am still in my home, amid avocado and cherimoya groves. It is challenging to keep up with news of nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.


Jean Boyd Ransdall (Sacramento, California)
I attended Scripps for two years and transferred to the University of California, Berkeley, to finish there. I received my master’s degree, married, and taught high school advanced placement students. It was an excellent use of Scripps classes!


Pat Lear (Reno, Nevada)
I can’t believe I turned 87 this year! I’m almost finished with my book (yes, of course there’s a chapter at Scripps). Reno is a great place to live, but there are so few friends from the old days at Scripps. Still doing remote healing, and especially on pets, with amazing results.

Sonya Woods (Lincoln, California)
I’m still traveling a bit but prefer Amtrak! I was in New Orleans in August for an American needlepoint seminar and loved volunteering at the event. I also returned from the American Franz List Festival. Lots of exciting piano playing!


Linda Hardesty Densmore (Solomons, Maryland)
I survived a serious stroke in July 2014. Getting back to my own apartment and my glorious river view was a joy! And I’m so glad I live in this retirement community. After two weeks in the hospital, I was returned to Asbury’s Health Care Unit, where I finished recovering among my friends.

Abbiegail Weiser (San Juan Capistrano, California)
Despite all the ghastly news from all over the world (yes, and even including the antics of the Dreadful Donald), still I manage to have a very happy and busy life. Even 86 has been great, and I have much to look forward to!


Kathleen Niven Lechner (Laguna Niguel, California)
I’m still writing my memoirs and hope to finish this year. Remembering friends and happy times is the best part! The hardest is the writing. I do long to get back to painting. I am so happy to have Amy ’91 and my grandson, Peyton, nearby. So happy the Broncos won the Super Bowl, since my Peyton was named for Peyton Manning! Yoga two times a week and a lovely circle of friends enrich my life—also my cat, Mozart.


Nancy Shroyer Howard (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
My grandsons, Ulysses and Gideon, live in Geneva, so en route to Switzerland, I stop off in New York to see young William Howard. My last book, Mischief in Tuscany, is indeed my last. Better read all the wonderful books I’ve not got around to or are just coming out.


Nancy Nelsen Rude (Walnut Creek, California)
My daughter Patricia and I participated in a chamber music workshop in Loches, France, in July and August. We also enjoyed a reunion with our French-Swiss cousins.

Joan Turner Stingley (San Carlos, California)
We are enjoying our second home in Oakmont (Santa Rosa) and all of our grandson’s activities.


Anne Arthur Gottlieb (White Plains, New York)
I just celebrated my 80th birthday with all my children and grandchildren. It was perfect!

Valerie Thom Read (Capistrano Beach, California)
Contrary to what I wrote last time, Larry and I have been married for more than 55 years (not 50), and it does seem to be working out!


Ann Marie Kitchen Haney (La Jolla, California)
I continue to find great satisfaction in being able to loan musical instruments to students in San Diego Unified Schools. This year, the Community Council for Music in the Schools has more than 1,400 instruments out on loan. Ann McEwen Standridge (Harpswell, Maine) Paul and I just keep rolling along. I keep busy with the Garden Club, the Jane Austen Society of North America, and a book group, and Paul is busy with the Coast Guard Auxiliary.


Marcia Davidove Baugh (Palo Alto, California)
I will miss Camp Scripps this year, as we are taking a trip to Scandinavia.

Katherine “Katie” E. McLeod (Green Valley, Arizona)
My husband, Robert McLeod, died on May 21, 2015. There was a celebration of his life in Valley Falls, Kansas, on June 11, 2016. I headed for Montana at the beginning of July for two months with dog in tow.


Jean Pratt Arnold (Wrightwood, California)
Our granddaughter, Madison Welsh, graduated from Scripps this May.

Nancy Parish Grippo (Los Altos, California)
Joe and I enjoyed a wonderful Mississippi River paddle- wheeler trip with Carol and Bob McCrary. We danced in a Beale Street blues club, among other delights.

Liz Hargrove (Sedona, Arizona)
I was not at the reunion because I was recovering from hip replacement surgery. I’m always proud to be a Scrippsie!

Roxie Scott Stouffer (Phoenix)
I had fun having lunch with Barbara Murray. Granddaughter Molly Murphy graduated high school.

Bonnie Youngdahl (Encino, California)
I’m a docent at the Autry Museum of Western History. I continue to travel to Eastern Europe and beyond. I spent some time in Athens a few years back and felt the spirit of Dr. Palmer’s all-things-classical Greek and Roman history in the atmosphere.


Anne-Charlotte Hanes Harvey (Lemon Grove, California)
I had a year of several theatrical events. There was a production of my play, Dinner with Marlene, in San Diego, as well as my translation of Hedda Gabler in Sweden. Michael (HMC ’61) and I will participate in the Andree Expedition Project, combining American composer Dominic Argento’s song cycle with the epilogue of Fade to White, another play of mine. When it rains it pours. I was thrilled that Joanne Keith ’63, Barbara Strona, and Jill Drexler ’68 were able to see Marlene, as did Jesse Swan’s son, Rollin!


Margaret Scrogin Chang (Bainbridge Island, Washington)
Raymond and I are enjoying a quiet life spiced up by visits to Seattle, a lively growing city, and summer visits by our three grandsons.

Susan Sumner Sullivan (Fallbrook, California)
A family reunion in Kentucky is coming up. I enjoy weekly watercolor painting with friends.


Karen Diehl Morris (Hayward, California)
I love the email conversations among my classmates. Sixty-seven of us are on the group email list.


Elaine Drew (Monrovia, California)
I spent four wonderful days at Christmas in Williamsburg and just returned from North Dakota. I saw my 39th state. In September, I will cruise the entire Mississippi River!

Gail Wagenseil Gelles (Carpinteria, California)
I am picking up my oil paint brush and going to Tuscany to paint among the vineyards.


Emily R. Gill (Peoria, Illinois)
I retired from teaching political science at Bradley University after 43 years. I am continuing with research, writing, and presenting papers, with the title of Caterpillar Professor of Political Science Emerita. Our three grandchildren are in South Bend, Indiana, and are five, three, and under one year. (Editor’s note: We are reprinting this note with a correction: in the spring 2016 issue we mistakenly reported that Gill retired after 30 years at Bradley University.)

Heidi Dole Howell (San Francisco)
I so enjoyed seeing my classmates again after nearly five decades.


Suzanne DeWald Towery (Walla Walla, Washington)
2016 has set forth as a year to rebuild: at home, a new car, dishwasher, and furnace, and outdoors, some heavy gardening. And in the next orbit, we have two grandchildren—to our eldest, a second boy, and to our younger, her first, a daughter. We are blessed with a healthy and happy family!


E. Adele Piccinati Swan (Scottsdale, Arizona)
As the years roll by, I appreciate my delicious times at Scripps and great Scripps education and campus, and professors, and peers more and more.


Linda “Lin” Nelson Benedek (Los Angeles)
I am thrilled to report that my poetry book, I Was Going To Be A Cowgirl, will be published soon and released in November 2016.

M. Robin Hinshaw (Claremont, California)
I moved to Claremont last year. I enjoy walking through the campuses with my dog, Pippin. I had fun at my 45th class reunion dinner, seeing old friends and making renewed connections.

Elizabeth Reiley (Haworth, New Jersey)
I retired from 30 years as a pediatric surgeon last year and am thrilled to have real time for fencing (foil and épée) and traveling. My husband and I went to the Verona Opera this summer.

Mary Weiner Ruggles (Santa Rosa, California)
We just had our fourth granddaughter— so fun! I’m still doing my art and doing shows. I’m branching out from watercolor to collage, mixed media, and even oil. Retirement is great!


Bonny Bulmer Becker (Seattle)
The kids are grown: Katie is senior beauty editor at Harper’s Bazaar, and Alice got married last summer. I continue writing and publishing children’s books. I’m up to 14, with three more on the way.

Kathy Taylor Robertson (Davis, California)
After 32 years of full-time work in a newsroom, I “retired” in December to focus on in-depth reporting as a freelancer. No more daily web updates—yeah! Keep buying newspapers, please.


Hulda Nelson (Oakland, California)
Ah, the joys of late parenthood—our son is earning his master’s degree in astrophysics at Stanford. Congrats on your handsome magazine redesign!


Cynthia Ann Speegle Hyneman (Lithia Springs, Georgia)
My husband retired from Hewlett Packard. My eldest granddaughter, Alexia, was killed in a car accident after a high school drama/vocal performance. The city of Atlanta has dedicated $2.5 million to redo the intersection. My other grandchildren are prospering. My son Daniel’s coffeehouse, Community Bean, celebrated its first year. Daughter Mary is president of the county PTA. Daughter Garnet is still writing. My husband still sits on the boards of several nonprofits.

Tena Kari Mitchell (Burr Ridge, Illinois)
I have been cohosting a wellness series since February 2016, with Dr. Pat of the Dr. Pat Show on Transformation Talk Radio. My holistic health-coaching business, Lifestyle 120, is celebrating one and a half years.


Ainsley “Angel” Smeeth Lafferty (Versailles, Kentucky)
I am still working in the field of veterinary medicine as the lead technician, licensed vet tech, for Green Tree Animal Hospital. I have six wonderful grandkids, four boys and two girls, ages one-and-a-half years to almost four. I am blessed to be their “Gamma.” I am so very proud of my three ladies, who have grown up to be thriving contributors and God-loving women with beautiful families.

Joan Romick (Duncraig, Western Australia)
I am looking at retiring from 20 years of teaching English and ESL to high school students. Our three children are scattered all over; David (34) is in China, Reyna (32) is at Berkeley, and Aaron (20) is getting married in September in northern New South Wales. I look forward to continuing my engagement with our temple’s Hebrew school and my craftwork. I’m at for any Scrippsies in the area.


Margaret Kean (Pasadena, California)
This year I chose to not wait until retirement to pursue a long-held desire to write poetry. I’ve dived in, devouring books of poetry, writing daily, participating in writing groups, and signing up for a summertime week-long poetry workshop. This has added much richness to my life, and I’m thrilled. My family is thriving: Annie (23) is teaching in Thailand until October and then pursuing her masters in teaching upon her return to Seattle; Lauren (20) is completing her junior year at UCLA in atmospheric sciences, and Jeff and I are celebrating 33 years together in July.

Bridget Anderson Latka (San Anselmo, California)
I had a wonderful visit to the Bay Area from two good friends: Chisa Hara Fujita flew in from Tokyo, and Paula Nishibayashi (CMC ’81) flew in from Irvine, California. We had a ball touring Napa and enjoying my home in Marin County.


Gwen Storey Feher (Briarcliff Manor, New York)
Donna Cheng ’83 and I hit many New York City art shows together. Esther Chiu, come to New York again for a visit!


Linan Hatch Ukropina (Pasadena, California)
Our company has grown, and I am now the Southern California regional business manager for five offices with Coldwell Banker Commercial. The market is keeping us busy!


Jeanette Solimine (Colfax, Washington)
My oldest daughter turned 18 in January, and I have become her legal guardian because of her severe autism. Learning the ropes of guardianship and life caring for an adult disabled child has been interesting, to say the least. Part of my life continues to be raising awareness about autism and the huge differences that exist between those at the top of the spectrum and those nearer the bottom. My younger daughter has mitochondrial disease, so I work with raising awareness for that, too. Disability awareness and access are a constant part of my life. I still serve on the Colfax City Council, volunteer as clergy at the hospital, rehab center, and assisted living facility, and serve on the board of the Colfax and Community Fund. My “title” is circuit-riding preacher, as I preside at funerals and fill in for pastors in local churches all over the county and beyond.


Lisa Hatten (Portland, Oregon)
I’m living in Portland with my husband and two daughters. I focus on social justice both in my paid and volunteer work. I hope to see many classmates at our reunion next year. Can’t believe we’ve been out of college for 30 years!


Ingrid Nystrom (El Paso, Texas)
We had a great tour of the campus this past March. Our tour guide was a dynamic neuroscience major from Washington. The campus is beautiful, and so many impressive programs are available to the students. It was a treat for us to be back!


Gen Anderson (Los Angeles)
I run Studio 10 North Gallery, a still photography and film studio in downtown Los Angeles. I’m also getting my master’s degree at Claremont School of Theology.


Anne Schwartz Marx (Oakland, California)
My boys are seven and 10, my marriage is 16 years old, and we are all well in Berkeley. We traveled to Israel this summer. I have been eight years with California’s judicial branch. Content is good, but the bureaucracy is thick.


Rebecca Ennals (San Francisco)
I am currently in my fourth season as artistic director of the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. I live in San Francisco with my partner and two-year- old son, Henry.


Kristin Jorge Steele (Denver)
I’ve been living in Denver for 16 years. I’m married with two kids, Kaia and Reier. I’m a consultant for exciting new software for the craft beverage industry. I just won an award for our development of it.


Sage McRae (Chico, California)
I continue in my career as a wedding planner and designer, now in San Francisco. Over the past few years, I got divorced, traveled to Thailand, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, moved back and forth across the country a few times, and dabbled in photography and baking. Rochelle D. Smith (Goodyear, Arizona) I am enjoying life in the Phoenix area. We have three beautiful kids and still like what we are doing with the government. Always looking forward to the next adventure! Rhiannon Wood (Portland, Oregon) In June 2014, I began working at a public accounting firm in Portland as a staff auditor. When I am not working, I am spending time on the trails running ultra-marathons.


Miriam Lazewatsky (New York)
I started an MBA program at Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business in fall 2016.


Abigail Armstrong (Minneapolis)
I have beautiful peonies on my table this morning! Amy Marcus Newhall has been an excellent interim president for Scripps.

Mary Catherine “Katie” Tutwiler Coby ’07 (Lafayette, Louisiana)
The nine years since graduation have been eventful. In short, I moved to New Orleans, got my first job, quit, completed my MBA, met my future husband, moved to Nashville, and moved back to Louisiana and found a full-time gig in higher education.


Emery Hilles Heffernan (San Jose, California)
I was recently hired by the University of California, San Francisco, as an occupational therapist.


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