A Letter from Lori Bettison-Varga

The mission of Scripps College is to educate women to develop their intellects and talents through active participation in a community of scholars so that as graduates they may contribute to society through public and private lives of leadership, service, integrity, and creativity.

As the recent LASPA Center launch event revealed, these life principles remain essential to Scripps’ curriculum, culture, and experience today. The speeches, discussions, and connections reinforced the attributes I love most about our community: the unwavering commitment to change the world for the better; an ingrained sense of responsibility to and for others; an unwillingness to accept injustice; and an appreciation of the beauty of individual expression.

As you explore this issue of the Scripps Magazine, I hope you will see these core values reflected in each article, photo, and story. The new design offers more of what you love – connections with classmates; campus news; student, faculty, and alumnae voices; and nostalgic moments – in an engaging and contemporary format. Future issues will also echo the inquiry and curiosity that defines Scripps’ intellectual community by exploring big ideas and tackling society’s most challenging questions.

The Scripps story unfolds through the personal journeys of extraordinary alumnae, students, faculty, and friends who are the authors and architects of a better future. As you write the next chapter, Scripps Magazine remains committed to documenting your contributions, celebrating your achievements, and articulating your aspirations for many more generations.

Enjoy your new Scripps Magazine!

Lori Bettison-Varga


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