From the Scripps Association of Families and Parent Leadership Council Cochairs, Cheryl and David Scheidemantle P’17

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as your new cochairs of the Scripps Association of Families and Parent Leadership Council. As volunteers for the College, we have the privilege of serving on the Board of Trustees, providing the community of Scripps parents with a vital seat at the table to participate in discussions and decisions about the health and vitality of the College. We are honored to represent the many other families who volunteer for Scripps and welcome all of you as fellow volunteers, and are thrilled to serve alongside you in support of our students and this great institution.


Enthralled by the theme of this issue, we asked Jennifer Lee ’17, who in 2013 cofounded the Scripps-Scheidemantle Legal Internship for Rising First Years, for her views about the value of attending a women’s college. She responded, “High school students often have the impression that students at women’s colleges drink tea, study in beautiful courtyards, and talk about feminism. Though these are all true, they do not fully capture the experience of any student at Scripps. Scripps students learn to challenge conventional notions of feminism, advocate for causes they are passionate about, and make a difference in people’s lives.” When asked about unexpected benefits, Jennifer said she feels “surrounded by incredibly supportive students who have encouraged me to pursue my passions without fear. I think this community, bonded naturally by similar experiences, fosters a sense of empowerment that is unlike that of any other.”

As your Scripps parent representatives, we are passionate about Scripps, the relevancy of women’s education, and empowering our daughter, Sara ’17, and other Scripps students for a life of achievement, advancement, and service. Passion compels action! Together with other families, please join us collectively in doing More! to contribute our time, talent, and treasure to the betterment of Scripps.

Let’s learn and contribute together. Visit and complete the volunteer form located under “Time, Talent, and Treasure.” The Office of Parent Engagement will contact you about upcoming career and networking activities.

Warm regards,



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