A Letter from Lori Bettison-Varga

In March 2009, I embarked on a great transition, moving from
the roles of provost and dean of faculty at Whitman College

into that of Scripps College president. Admittedly, I had a bit of trepidation regarding my new responsibilities, especially in the context of the academic climate, which will be long remembered in higher education—the global recession had left colleges like Scripps reeling with projected budgetary deficits that would take several years to alleviate.

But I was buoyed by my excitement about this community and the opportunity to build on Scripps’ legacy of excellence. And that first year was a whirlwind! I delighted in building relationships with faculty, staff, students, and parents, as well as hitting the road to get to know our remarkable alumnae. Since then, my appreciation of Scripps—a community that is complex and vibrant, grounded in curiosity and intellectual rigor, and always in pursuit of excellence —has only grown.

Scripps was on an upward trajectory when I came on board, and that has continued. For the past two years, The Princeton Review placed Scripps in the top 20 for Best Classroom Experience, Most Accessible Professors, Best Quality of Life, and Best Financial Aid, based on student surveys, and I am confident that our reputation as a premier liberal arts college will continue to expand. Scripps has evolved its curricular offerings as society has expanded opportunities for women, fostering an environment where all students reach their full potential. The collective voices of students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumnae, and parents have shaped the College’s policies and programs, and fueled its momentum.

While Scripps alumnae share a common bond, each generation has engaged deeply with the issues of its time, helping to define the campus culture, curriculum, and opportunities for today and tomorrow. It has been an honor to witness the ways our students meaningfully engage with the world as well as with each other, opening themselves to new perspectives and experiences. This is what keeps Scripps relevant and thriving. I look forward to applauding the future generations that will continue this legacy for decades to come!



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