Elizabeth “Lisa” Beem ’14

Lisa BeemMajor: Environment analysis and economics
Project: Urban Watershed Regulation and Water Quality: A Case Study of the Thornton Creek Watershed in Seattle, Washington
Grant: Mellon Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Environmental Analysis
Advisor: Heather Williams (Pomona College)

Lisa Beem believes practice makes perfect.

“As with networking with professionals and presenting in front of a large crowd, research takes practice—and I’m happy I had the opportunity to ‘practice’ at Keck over the summer,” she says.

A Seattle native, Beem turned to her hometown for inspiration when planning her project, which investigated the water quality of Thornton Creek, an urban watershed near her house. “Though the watershed is important to the community, it’s impaired by pollution,” she says. “I wanted to find out why policies implemented in the past were not effective.”

“I think it’s wonderful that Scripps offers students opportunities and funding to conduct original research. As an environmental analysis and economics major, I didn’t know that you could do research if you weren’t a science major. Scripps, however, opens up that possibility.”

Heather Williams, politics professor at Pomona College, provided Beem the inspiration and academic advising her analysis required. “Professor Williams is so passionate and involved in her community,” says Beem. “I’m continuing research on Thornton Creek for my thesis, taking it a step further by proposing a set of policy solutions.”


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