Table of Contents

2014 Winter Table of Contents

Embracing Undergraduate Research

Alexandra “Alex” Trimm ’14

Most art enthusiasts tend to focus on the subjects and composition of their favorite pieces. However, Alex Trimm realized it is even more important to examine which artists’ works are actually displayed. Trimm received a Mellon grant in spring of 2013 to examine gender discrepancies between male and female contemporary photographers last summer.

An Ambitious Undertaking

For the past three decades, Professor Alan Hartley and Scripps students have focused on an ambitious undertaking—they want to understand cognitive changes in the aging process and how older adults process everything from emotions to short-term memories. The implications of their research are far-reaching: should pilots over 60 be allowed to fly? How can we […]

by Robert Bradford

Beatriz Maldonado ’15

Is it possible to create a 3D graphical representation of a poem? Beatriz Maldonado thought so—and a Mellon grant helped prove her thesis.

Elaine Chan ’14

The Nobel Prize-winning biologist Sydney Brenner has argued great science is about a conversation—that science makes advances through the daily interactions of people focused on common and interesting problems.

by Robert Bradford

Eliana “Ellie” Rudee ’14

Ellie Rudee wasn’t satisfied with limiting her summer research to just one discipline. As one of a select few recipients of the Johnson Summer Research Grant, she instead analyzed the differences between male and female motivations for terrorism and what may account for any differences.

Elizabeth “Lisa” Beem ’14

Lisa Beem believes practice makes perfect.

Julia MacNelly ’14

Julia MacNelly’s work with the Balkans Peace Park Project last summer did more than allow her to promote the nonprofit’s transnational peace park on the borders of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania—it also encouraged her to study the concept of national identity amongst ethnic Albanians and apply that research to her studies at Scripps.

Maria Ceja Rodriguez ’14

Maria Ceja Rodriguez embodies the Scripps woman—confident, courageous, and hopeful—and her summer research helped get her there.

Nancy Herrera ’15

Two years before Nancy Herrera’s grandfather passed away, he requested that she pass down his story. When he died last February, Herrera decided to do just that, using her summer Esterly award to memorialize his life in an online writing project.

Rose Cooper-Finger ’14

Rose Cooper-Finger had no idea an idle trip to a museum would lead to an award—and inspiration for her senior thesis.

Theresa Iker ’14

In a small house on the outskirts of Scottsdale, Arizona, Theresa Iker ’14 sat in a room with 88-year-old Marilu Norden and learned firsthand about a unique chapter in American history.

by Robert Bradford

Undergraduate Research: A High-impact, Transformational Dive Into Intellectual Pursuits

President Lori Bettison-Varga writes on the importance and value of undergraduate research at Scripps College.

by President Lori Bettison-Varga

The Campaign for Scripps College

Scripps College Launches Its Largest Campaign Ever

Warm weather, fabulous food, and a sunset sky twinkling with festoon lights welcomed more than 400 members of the Scripps community as they gathered November 12, 2013, for the public launch of the most ambitious campaign in the history of Scripps College.

Browsing Room

Eric Haskell Knighted With Two of France’s Highest Cultural Honors

Professor Eric Haskell knighted with two of France's Highest cultural honors.

by Mary Bartlett

Faculty Focus

Scripps College faculty continues to actively research, write, curate, and publish. Here is a sampling of their many recent accomplishments.

Farewell, Mary Weis

After 19 years of employment at Scripps College, Mary Fraser Weis '66, director of special projects, retired effective January 3, 2014.

Millard Sheets Artwork Honored

Millard Sheets' mosaic, "El Camino Real," was formally dedicated on November 2, 2013, at a public celebration in Beverly Hills.

Preserving the Arts

Through the generosity of Jane Hurley Wilson '64 and Michael Wilson (HMC '63), Scripps College students interested in art conservation gain hands-on experience in the field interning at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery.

Post Scripps

“Asking Why Leads to New Ideas”

As I negotiate the spheres of international cultural policy, archaeological and ethnographic research, and university teaching, I am always mindful of the unprecedented skill set I learned at Scripps College.

by Christina Luke '95