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2014 Summer Table of Contents

The Food Issue

Alumnae and Food: It’s a Recipe for Success

The world over, many Scripps alumnae are restaurateurs, chefs, vintners, and bakers; they write about food, photograph it, grow it, harvest it, and compost it. They educate, litigate, and legislate about food-related issues. Some handle food every day, all day; others talk about it, analyze it, examine its implications for the earth, the community, the individual. How each alumna embarked on her unique career in the food world varies, each compiling a list of life ingredients that, when blended, brought them to where they are now.

by Brenda Bolinger


In West Africa, everyone is responsible for making sure the whole family eats. It is not so much about food as it is about eating; not so much about what you cook, but about finding enough to fill everyone's bellies. Every meal is a chance to begin again, to live another day.

Challah for Hunger: 10 Years of Social Activism

Founded in 2004 by Eli Winkelman '07, Challah for Hunger bakes and sells challah — traditional Jewish sweet bread — to raise money and awareness for hunger and disaster relief. A decade later, the club has transformed itself into an international nonprofit organization with 67 chapters on three continents.

Fountains of Knowledge

Scripps College bid farewell to three beloved faculty members this year. With a combined 111 years of service to the College, professors Gayle Green, César López, and Cheryl Walker retired at the end of the academic year.

Good Brew

When the Motley Coffeehouse first opened in 1974, it was a far cry from the bustling student mecca it is now. Three student baristas and one general manager sold a humble assortment of coffee, tea, juice, and pastries from what was essentially not much more than a lemonade stand. Now, the Motley employs more than 60 students who are dedicated to maintaining a sustainable, socially responsible business that supports feminist ideals.

Grounded in Food Justice

After graduating, I want a career where I can make a difference in the world. Professor Auerbach's class confirmed for me the importance of community-based work, and I plan to always remain engaged in community endeavors to keep my political work grounded in reality and social justice.

by Lauren Mitten '15

Setting the Table with Food Justice

With a focus on the environmental justice movement and how access to healthy food is largely based on race and class, Nancy Neiman Auerbach's Political Economy of Food students learn to analyze the social, economic, and political power of food and how corporations and governments influence our global food systems.

The Chemical Analysis of Scripps’ 2013 Olive Oil

Out of the many domains of research expertise I have acquired in my scientific career, "olive oil exper" has been the most unexpected. However, this past spring, both Rachel Hamilton '16 and I became just that. How did this happen?

by Professor Anna Wenzel

Browsing Room

Board of Trustees Welcomes Five New Members

Scripps College announces the election of five new members to its Board of Trustees, four of whom are alumnae of the College. Their three-year terms begin July 1.


Among the newly minted Scripps Class of 2014 is a particular cohort of 21 adventurers who, as students, blazed new and challenging trails for themselves and their family members — current and future generations.

Graffiti Wall: 83 Years In the Making

When she visited Scripps as a prospective student, Gretchen Allen '14, an art conservation major from Seattle, saw Graffiti Wall and thought, "I could do that. I could paint here." The Class of 2014 agrees with her; in early April, seniors chose Allen's design from 10 submissions to become a part of history.

In Memoriam

Scripps College salutes John H. Chandler and John E. Fleming, who served as president and trustee, respectively.

Inaugural Student Philanthropy Day

Traditionally graduating seniors give to the Senior Class Gift with a goal of 100 percent participation, but in 2014 some members of the class wanted to do more and get involved more in giving to the College. The result: Student Philanthropy Day.

Surprise: You’re an Alumna!

Typically, executive leaders do not like on-the-job surprises. Outgoing Board of Trustees Chair Linda Davis Taylor is no exception, but the College administration took a calculated risk in deciding to elect her as an honorary alumna — only the fourth individual in Scripps history to be so named.

Wanawake Weusi: Providing a Support Network for 40 Years

As the College commemorates Wanawake Weusi's milestone anniversary, it's a celebration of something much greater than the group's longevity. It's a well-deserved acknowledgement of the support Wanawake has provided to students of color at Scripps since its inception 40 years ago.

Post Scripps

A Conscious Endeavor

We designed our surroundings, and we can redesign it. Someday, we could go to the grocery store and find only healthy choices; no artificial flavors or colors, no gene-spliced corn, no pesticides or toxins. Luckily for me, my job is working towards making this a reality.

by Lindsay Seligman '06