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Whether done the tried and true way with an introduction and a handshake or virtually via social media, networking and connecting with others has never been easier. The following examples of alumnae, students, and the College supporting one another will inspire you to do likewise or reinforce what you already know to be true of the Scripps College community.

Scripps Connections for Life

Deeply Rooted in the Scripps Sisterhood

With a desire to both help and be helped, some Scripps women have formed networking associations to build the connections through which goals are reached, questions are answered, and separateness becomes community.

by Brenda Bolinger

A Powerful Alliance

In Scripps' Career Planning & Resources (CP&R), dreams for the future are explored, connections are made, and, when a Scripps student or alumna takes a fulfilling stride toward who they want to be, where they want to go, and what they want to do, CP&R celebrates their success.

by Brenda Bolinger

Banking on Relationships, Investing in the future

Tori Sepand '15 did not expect to land an internship in the financial industry this summer — especially having had no prior experience in the field — but a Scripps connection opened the door for her to explore new opportunities.

by Elisabeth Pfeiffer '15

The Art of Internships

With hundreds of competing applicants from college campuses across the country, landing a paid art internship at the Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery is a coup, one the gallery’s six summer interns plan to make the most of the experience.

Focus on Faculty

Scripps College Welcomes Two New Members of the Faculty

Sumita Pahwa and Thomas Koenigs join the Scripps College politics and international relations and English departments this fall.

Chords of Community: Martha Gonzalez

A woman sings out and is answered by another, their song improvised as the music plays. Others join her, dancing, strumming jaranas, and singing, an invisible thread connecting them all in this shared space that boasts no spectators or performers, only participants. A conversation — one spoken through dance, rhythm, and verse — ensues. The Fandango has begun.

by Koren Wetmore

In Memoriam: Aldo Casanova

World-renowned sculptor and Professor Emeritus Aldo Casanova died on September 10, 2014, after a lengthy and distinguished career in the arts. He was 85.

From the President

Catching up with President Bettison-Varga

In a recent interview with the president, Binti Harvey, Scripps' chief marketing and communications officer, asks what's on Bettison-Varga's mind as she reflects on the last five years and contemplates the next five. The following is an excerpt from their conversation.

Residence Hall Plans Move Forward Thanks to $10 Million Anonymous Gift

I know you share my excitement about the positive impact of this gift for our community and my tremendous gratitude for the donors' generosity. I look forward to sharing more details with you as this project moves forward.

by President Lori Bettison-Varga

Browsing Room

It’s good to be Green

Scripps College was looking to conserve natural resources long before drought warning signs popped up around California. Now those plans (and others) are coming to fruition this summer – and they'll keep the campus beautiful at a fraction of the cost.

Scripps Welcomes Two New Members of Senior Staff

Binti Harvey and Charlotte Johnson assume leadership roles at Scripps College as chief marketing and communications officer and vice president for student affairs and dean of students, respectively.

Williamson Gallery Awarded Getty Foundation Grant

The Ruth Chandler Williamson Gallery has been awarded a $100,000 Getty Foundation grant to support the research and planning for the future exhibition "Revolution and Ritual: The Photographs of Sara Castrejón, Graciela Iturbide, and Tatiana Parcero," as part of the Getty's Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA initiative.

Post Scripps

A Habit of Networking

When I graduated from Scripps, I had a naïve understanding of networking. I saw it as a calculated approach to relationships with an end goal of making the "right" acquaintances for self-advancement. My understanding has evolved drastically since then.

by Jennifer Loesch '09