Sydney Freggiaro ’09

Sydney Freggiaro

Las Vegas and Los Angeles

Career: Choreographer, dancer, teacher
Majors: Molecular biology and dance choreography

Three minutes may seem like the blink of an eye, but when you’re choreographing one continuous shot for a music video for The Mowgli’s, every second counts.

“It was my job to set up the timing and paths for every person and every interaction on set,” says dance choreographer Sydney Freggiaro. “The trick was setting it up as a one-take video using all eight members of the band and more than 40 extras on one city street corner in the middle of Los Angeles. I had my work cut out for me!”

Freggiaro is no stranger to hard work–she completed a double major in molecular biology and dance choreography at Scripps and spent more than a year conducting cancer research for a lab in Seattle, Washington.

“I never thought there would be a crossover in my two degrees. I just knew I could offer each respective field more in having experienced the other,” she says.

Her time now divided between Los Angeles and her hometown of Las Vegas, Freggiaro occasionally teaches at The Las Vegas Academy, the performing arts high school she attended. She’s also actively pursuing dance assignments in New York City, and doesn’t hesitate to train the next generation of dancers the techniques she’s learned along the way.

As for the music video business? With an independent film under her belt and another package for Project Primal already in the edit bay, it’s fair to say she’s just getting started.


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