Sarah Moos ’09

Sarah Moos

San Francisco, California

Career: Landscape and urban designer
Majors: Studio art and environmental analysis
Graduate school: Dual MA in landscape architecture and city and regional planning with an emphasis in urban design at UC Berkeley

Picture a small weed-filled lot behind an abandoned building, an empty strip of land paralleling an apartment complex, a factory rooftop. To the untrained eye, these places appear as “leftovers,” unappetizing and holding little promise.

Sarah Moos sees such places differently. She is working to reclaim these remnant urban spaces as urban gardens and create a healthier environment. Moos is now an associate at Bionic, a landscape architecture and planning firm in San Francisco.
Scripps’ solid liberal arts education serves her well in this creative and collaborative environment.

“Scripps has allowed me to bring a varied background of ideas to any discussion, which results in a richer solution to any challenge,” Moos said. In addition, “Scripps gave me the empowered spirit to fight for my beliefs and stand up for my ideas.”

Moos recently received a fellowship to continue work done for her master’s thesis, in which she proposed strategies to transform derelict sites in San Francisco’s southeastern neighborhoods into active and bio-diverse public open spaces. She will visit cities throughout the U.S. to confirm and expand her findings on remnant spaces, and will then build a mobile app and GIS geo-database of remnant spaces to help metropolises activate vacant land.

“My education taught me that I am capable of anything, as long as I stay creative and positive,” said Moos.


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