Sara Gershfeld ’08

Sara GershfeldLos Angeles, California

Career: Behavior analyst and startup founder,
Majors: Psychology and neuroscience

Sara Gershfeld ’08 is putting her Scripps education to good work. A dual major in psychology and neuroscience at Scripps, she works to ensure children with special needs are receiving the education and services they require.

Gershfeld collaborates with the Los Angeles Unified School District and California Regional Centers to establish special education services that meet state-level clinical standards for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. In her work, Gershfeld discovered a need among parents of special-needs children for high-quality service providers. To help alleviate that issue, Gershfeld founded The website is a Yelp®-like rating site for families with special-needs children. Parents can search for a wide range of providers, from hairdressers to pediatricians, all state-approved.

After Scripps, Gershfeld earned an MA in developmental psychology from Claremont Graduate University, and she is close to finishing a PhD in applied behavior analysis at The Chicago School. She plans to teach others to become passionate about working with children with autism as a career—maybe even at Scripps someday.

“Scripps instilled in me a strong sense of leadership, actionable change, and drive,” said Gershfeld. She credits her education with improving her confidence in public speaking and instilling in her critical-thinking skills to analyze a situation from a 360-degree perspective.

“Scripps taught me that if you want it enough, you can make it happen!” she said.


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