Lauren Ross ’07

Lauren Ross

Los Angeles, California

Career: Researcher, Feitelson/Lundeberg Art Foundation
Major: Studio art
Graduate school: MA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Lauren Ross came to Scripps with a love for art. That love was further nurtured by her Scripps professors, said the former studio art major.

“Scripps professors helped me understand art’s social and political importance,” said Ross. “I consider some of my classes at Scripps as the most formative experiences of my young adult life.” Those courses also spurred Ross to continue her education in the arts post Scripps.

Ross went on to earn a post-baccalaureate certificate in sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute and an MA in visual and critical studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. “It was a fantastic experience, academically, artistically, and socially,” said Ross.

As a researcher, Ross has the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of people in the art world and to work with numerous art and archival collections. She is currently assisting the foundation with the publication of two catalogues raisonné and two monographs, one of which was written by Scripps trustee Suzanne Ely Muchnic ’62, former arts reporter with the Los Angeles Times.

Down the road, Ross plans to earn an MFA and head back to the studio, her first love.


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