Lauren Dominguez ’10

San Diego, California

Major: Biology
Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship
Graduate studies: JD/MBA at University of San Diego

Don’t mess with Lauren Dominguez ’10. She’s a group fitness instructor, certified in boot camp, strength training, and yoga sculpt. She is also pursuing a dual JD/MBA program with a marketing concentration at University of San Diego Law School.

After graduating from Scripps, Dominguez was accepted into the yearlong Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellowship in Sacramento where she worked as a legislative aide. She then began her graduate studies at USD Law School. She plans to start her own business in sports and fitness upon completion of her dual degree.

Dominguez attributes her successful preparation for law school to her Scripps education. “Scripps prepared me for the workload—other students didn’t have as demanding an undergrad experience, so the amount of reading and studying was a rude awakening for them,” she says.

Professor Golub’s politics and international relations courses served Dominguez well post Scripps. Because of her work as an undergrad, including research for her thesis, she was chosen as one of only five students to participate in Sexual Equality, a class co-taught by Catherine MacKinnon, USD professor of gender studies. “Any student of Golub’s will be well acquainted with her work.” Dominguez states MacKinnon is a leading legal scholar on sexual harassment, sexual violence against women, and the anti-pornography movement.

Dominguez’ Scripps thesis was on MacKinnon’s theories on sexual violence. “My thesis has been a great discussion topic as well as an example of my research skills,” she says. “MacKinnon’s works pushed me to go to law school.”

While she’s not studying or kicking butt in boot camp, Dominguez enjoys life in San Diego. “I am still very close with my best friends from Scripps—Abbey Hye, who works for UCLA’s Center for Autism Research and Treatment, Emily Walker, with Russel Reynolds and Associates in San Francisco, and Hannah Nestler, who just completed her work with Teach For America in New Orleans.”


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