LASPA Center for Leadership at Scripps College for Women Founded with $5 Million Gift

Jude and Eileen Laspa

Scripps Magazine interviewed Eileen Schock Laspa ’67, P’95 and Jude Laspa (HMC ’65), P’95 about their commitment to leadership and love of Scripps College.

Why is women’s leadership important in the 21st century?

ESL: Women comprise half of the world, and there is a great need for responsible leadership, in our nation, and worldwide. I believe that women can and will fill that need.

You are both engaged in a wide range of philanthropy and are very generous with your time and resources—why make this gift to Scripps College?

ESL: I am personally tied to Scripps College, as an alumna of the College, and our daughter is also a Scripps graduate. To me, Scripps is a unique campus and is poised to be a focus of innovation and leadership for women.

JL: We want our gift to have an impact, and investing in leadership development at Scripps College ensures that we have a very good chance of success with our investment.

How do you see the College’s academic programs linking to, and benefiting from, the LASPA Center?

ESL: The center should complement the curriculum to be most effective, just as the college experience links to life after college. Students see their faculty as leaders and learn from them and the coursework examples. Research partnerships can also help. There should be many opportunities to connect with academic and curricular programs created through the center.

Furthering alumnae connections with the College is one of the attributes of the new center. Why is that opportunity important to Scripps and to our alumnae?

ESL: Scripps alumnae have rich experiences to share with students and each other. We must find new ways to engage with our alumnae, including utilizing new technologies. The center can then be a hub for alumnae to benefit from lifelong learning opportunities and serve as a conduit for sharing knowledge and life experiences with younger alumnae, as well as current and future Scripps students.


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