Kelsey Moore ’07

Kelsey Moore

Seattle, Washington

Career: Project Officer II
Major: Environment, economics, and politics
Graduate school: MA in public affairs, University of Washington

Kelsey Moore travels the world to improve health care.

Kelsey MooreMoore works with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, a Seattle-based health research organization funded primarily by the Gates Foundation, to illuminate the barriers to health services various populations confront and the effectiveness of treatment for devastating diseases.

She is responsible for the strategic guidance of several of the Institute’s research projects, including a large-scale collaborative project with UNICEF involving primary data collection in nine countries to better understand the costs people bear for healthcare coverage.

“By providing this information to the various ministries of health and government officials, they can more accurately reflect the costs of healthcare in their budget proposals and meet the needs of their people,” she says.

Moore often travels abroad to conduct her work with NGOs to facilitate data collection through interviews with patients and collecting information from patient charts. One of her priorities is to bring in new technology to capture key data.


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