KC Mautner ’12

KC Mautner

New Orleans, Louisiana

Career: Teacher, Teach For America
Majors: Politics and international relations and Hispanic studies

KC Mautner joined Teach For America and was placed in the New Orleans region. She currently teaches ninth grade inclusion special education, with a focus on math and English, in Chalmette, Louisiana, about 20 minutes outside of New Orleans.

Mautner’s favorite part of her job is working one-on-one with her students. She says, “I’m continually amazed by how far they’ve come, their perseverance and ability to overcome obstacles, and just how much they are capable of accomplishing.”

She says that Scripps provided her with “a wide array of opportunities through which I gained leadership experience and developed the confidence to successfully lead large groups of people including students—while always viewing the work that I do with a critical lens.”

Mautner plans to continue working in education, at least for the near future. She says, “I do know that I’m eager to see my students earn their high school diplomas in three more years.”

Fun Fact

Mautner has now been to about a dozen different crawfish festivals. She says, “Many of my students’ parents are shrimpers or boat captains, so they were shocked to hear that I had never been to a crawfish boil before.”


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