Katy Lind ’06

Katy Lind

Sylvania, Ohio

Career: Account manager
Graduate school: MBA, Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2011
Majors: Dance and theatre

Once a performer, always a performer.

Katy Lind nurtures her creativity as an account manager at Root Inc. She builds clarity within corporate organizations so that employees own and engage in company strategies. Hers is no ordinary desk job.

“After college, I thought I would never perform again,” says Lind, who earned an MBA with a focus on corporate innovation from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University in 2011. “Thankfully, I get to spend my days up on my feet engaging leaders on subjects that inspire them.”

The companies Lind partners with vary in size and industry—from media to pharmaceuticals to financial services. She finds every client’s situation unique, forcing her to think: “Is there another, better way we could do this?”

Lind has advice for current Scripps students: “Understand what engages you and what will get you excited every day. Then, go get the job that will enable you to do that. Connect with alums, talk to people, and be curious!”

In the last year, Lind has found another outlet for her high energy: figure skating. “The best part of ice-skating is trying things that are way beyond my ability, falling in a dramatic fashion, and then getting right back up to try again,” she says.

“Taking calculated risks is the key to long-term success,” she says, “and that might mean some short-term failures. Don’t worry. Whatever happens in life, there is always a Scrippsie there to support you and cheer you on.”


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