Joss Greene ’12

Joss Greene

San Francisco, California

Career: Registrar, Jewish Community High School of the Bay
Graduate school: Rutgers University, PhD program in women’s and gender studies in fall
Major: History

Joss Greene anticipated a career in public health or counseling. As an undergraduate, he spoke out eloquently on personal wellness and healing, particularly regarding the transgender experience, and was senior speaker at Commencement. Then, after graduation, he took a job as registrar of a small community high school.

“I’ve been so electrified and inspired by my experiences working with students and other educators that teaching and writing now seems like a natural next step,” he said.

At the Jewish Community High School of the Bay, Greene is responsible for the logistics that support the academic program. He draws on his creative interests by choreographing school musicals and teaching a movement class. He also advises student clubs such as the Gay/Straight Alliance and the Slam Poetry Club.

Scripps encouraged him to become involved in creating change he believed in. “The hardest step is moving from pain and frustration to the proactive conviction to respond,” he said. “Now, when I’m upset by something, whether it’s an offensive comment, structural inequality within an organization, or a larger social justice issue, I am much more likely to think not only why the situation’s bad, but also how I can be involved in changing it.”

Next fall, Greene will begin a PhD program in women’s and gender studies at Rutgers University, with a focus on LGBT history and emphasis on oral history, community activism, and genealogies of transgender political engagement. He looks forward to someday designing and teaching his own undergraduate courses.


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