India Mullady ’11

India MulladyNew York, New York

Career: Consultant, Deloitte
Major: Economics

“In consulting we hunt in packs.” That’s the motto India Mullady has spent the last two years driving toward as she kicked off a high-speed career at Deloitte Consulting. Teaming with her colleagues, Mullady has traveled the United States pursuing the most innovative people solutions for clients.

As an economics major, Mullady secured her job in consulting before graduation and has worked with Deloitte since. Now a consultant, she prides herself on the number of services she’s able to provide top-tier clients.

“We help reorganize businesses, optimize resources, and ensure compliance with state and federal regulations,” she says. “Our goal is to move our clients to the head of the pack and our focus is on the people, which we believe are a company’s most valuable asset.”

Long-term, she’s thinking about returning to school to pursue an MBA or a law degree, but currently she’s preparing to move to the San Francisco office to help the firm pursue a new client base.

“I am always excited to tackle a new city and be closer to my parents, who recently moved to California,” she says. “I will also look forward to reconnecting with all the Scripps alumnae in the Bay Area.”

“Although I am the only Scripps alumna at Deloitte, I’m thrilled to work among several Claremont colleagues I helped recruit and look forward to welcoming future Scripps alumnae to the firm.”


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