Erin Paulson Brooks ’06

Erin Brooks

Lakewood, Washington

Career: Owner and designer, Serephine
Major: Hispanic studies

Erin Paulson Brooks began college lacking in self confidence and found her voice at Scripps. She has since used her voice—and considerable talents—to start and run her own business and provide care for her one-year-old daughter, Sloane Elizabeth.

Brooks is owner and designer of Serephine, a bridal accessories business she self-started. “The wedding industry is largely made up of fellow women small-business owners,” says Brooks. “Many of them are also mothers and are generally supportive and collaborative.

Erin Brooks and babyAs a mother, Brooks now sees the world differently. “Motherhood is a lesson in humility, patience, understanding, teaching, learning, communication, and my daughter brings our family so much joy,” says Brooks. “I’m very proud of my education and business, but my daughter is my best work.”

Running a business while caring for a toddler is challenging, Brooks says. “Nordstrom recently placed a large order with me, with a tight deadline, so I’ve had some very late nights, and with a young child, there is no such thing as sleeping in!” However, Brooks says the best part of owning her own business is that she works from her home studio, sets the work hours, and is with her daughter.

Brooks is ready to tackle any obstacle and overcome any apprehension. “Scripps prepared me to trust my intelligence and believe in myself,” she says. “I left Scripps knowing I am smart and capable, and my voice matters.”


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