Erin Coleman ’11

Erin Coleman

Chicago, Illinois

Career: Manager at Carrot Top Records
Majors: Psychology and German studies

Erin Coleman finds managing a small record label company comes with many responsibilities, and when you’re one of only two employees—including the owner—you learn to handle multiple projects.

Coleman manages the 20-year-old independent record label Carrot Top Records—a mix of indie and folk genres, with “a bit of gothic edge.” Coleman is involved in releasing two to four albums a year, which includes production, budgeting, accounting, writing press releases, and serving as liaison among musicians, the press, and management.

Coleman also serves as gallery and event coordinator at saki, Carrot Top’s sister record store, gallery, and performance space. Coleman says, “The connections and relationships through my job and personal interests often lead to creative collaborations at work.”

Those connections have led to partnerships between Carrot Top Records/saki and musicians, designers, nonprofits, websites, local businesses, and more. She praises her alma mater for helping to prepare her for life after Scripps. “I am able to have confidence in my ideas in a heavily male-dominated industry and respect constructive criticism.”

Coleman would like to relocate overseas to Berlin and spend time in the historic city. She plans to stay in independent creative industries, as her interest in creative arts spaces has grown significantly while in Chicago.


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