Emilie Docter ’11

Emilie Docter

St. Louis, Missouri

Graduate studies: Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, spring 2013

Emilie Docter says Scripps College made her confident in her career choices before many of her peers from others schools knew what they wanted to do.

“My work in psychology and volunteering at Scripps for Jump Start and working on children’s literacy helped in understanding psychology and how it can contribute to all sorts of disparities,” Docter says.

Docter’s hands-on experience exposed her to the affects of health and socio-economic disparities, especially on children’s development. This helped Docter realize that she wanted to continue to help reduce these disparities, and that social work seems like the best way to reach a large group of people.

Docter has worked in therapy with people who experienced abuse or were homeless. In the process Docter says she realized that the lack of funding prevented people like her from providing good services.

As a result, Docter is focusing on development and fundraising in her job search, so that she can raise the funds to improve a variety of services. This development, leadership, and organizational track of social work reflect Emilie’s passion to give back that she learned at Scripps.

In addition to moving forward in her career, Emilie has made another life decision recently—last year she adopted a puppy she named Cornell Puffin Haynes III. He’s named after rap artist Nelly, whose full name is Cornell Puffin Haynes II and hails from St. Louis, Emilie’s home after Scripps.


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