Ellie Cross ’07

Ellie Cross

Mumbai, India

Career: Art specialist, Ascend International School
Major: Studio art
Completed Fulbright in Malaysia

As a Scripps student, Ellie Cross traveled between Tibet and Nepal as part of the College’s off-campus study program. She fell in love with the region and knew if there was an opportunity to return, she’d jump at the chance.

She got her wish.

Now a founding member of the Ascend International School, the studio art major plans and assesses art curriculum for elementary school children, helping another generation of artists find its voice.

“Working with kids every day is the most refreshing and joyful work I could ask for,” Cross says. “I’m so inspired by the way they create art fearlessly and love being a part of the collaborative cross-cultural school community we are forming.”

Prior to her move to India, Cross lived and taught in Malaysia as a Fulbright scholar. “It was a huge learning experience,” she says, “both about learning how to teach in general and, more specifically, how to teach in a Muslim school in a foreign country with significant language and cultural barriers. It taught me some precious lessons in cross-cultural communication that I use daily here in India.”

While her free time is a hodge-podge of chairing the school’s community development committee and learning to play the concertina, Cross knows what she’ll be doing career-wise for the foreseeable future.

“I just signed on for a third year here,” she says. “And I will definitely continue working in art and education for the rest of my life.”


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