Della Taylor ’11

Della Taylor

San Francisco, California

Career: Personal Chef
Major: Sociocultural anthropology

Della Taylor is a passionate, creative cook who is taking a calculated risk. Two years after graduating from Scripps with a degree in sociocultural anthropology, she is building her own catering business in San Francisco.

After paying rent and expenses, she even manages to put aside a small amount of money each month. How does she do it?

“Growing up, I learned how to coordinate goals with realistic timelines,” she said. Her parents encouraged her to pay attention to what she spent money on. These lessons stuck.

After Scripps, Taylor said in order to reach her dream of being a personal chef and running a catering business, she needed a safety net.

Working in a restaurant in Mill Valley as a chef’s assistant, for six months she put a percentage of her paycheck in a savings account. “It allowed me to go out on a limb,” she said.

Her business started slowly, client by client. Word spread about this determined young cook with creative flair who would come to homes and cook for special occasions. Taylor now has several regular clients for whom she prepares three to four dinners to serve during the week. She has a business plan to partner with a dessert chef and hire an assistant so she can cater larger parties.

Taylor is working hard and loving it. “I could have stayed at my previous restaurant job. It was safe, with a good paycheck. But I don’t want to miss opportunities.”


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