Corey Jay ’12

Corey Jay

Cusco, Peru

Career: Guest Relations, Latin America for Less
Major: Costume design, minor in Hispanic studies

Nestled in southern Peru, the city of Cusco is the perfect waypoint for the adventurous spirit. Surrounded by the beauty of the Andes, the history of the Inca, and the culture of South America, it’s no surprise Corey Jay returned to the “navel of the universe” after spending a semester there through Scripps’ off-campus study program.

“I recently hiked to rarely-visited Incan ruins with explorer Paolo Greer, the man many consider the modern Indiana Jones,” Jay says, “and in my spare time I try to absorb as much of the local history as possible, visiting local festivals, drooling over intricate handmade outfits, and pursuing a fascination with lo histórico, the regional history.”

As the supervisor of guest relations for travel agency Latin America for Less, she manages office finances, purchases all tourist tickets for clients, arranges tours, and carries a 24-hour emergency phone in case anything goes pear shaped: “It’s multiplied my respect for Scripps’ resident advisors tenfold.”

Jay plans to return to the United States at some point and continue her career as an innovative clothing and costume designer, but for now she’s content to study (and wear) the history of fashion in Peru—and pick up a few tips and tricks from their textile and festival industries in the process.


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