Camille Brown Schenkkan ’06

Camille Schenkkan

Los Angeles, California

Career: Educational Programs Manager
Major: Dual Major in Theatre and English
Graduate school: MA in Arts Management

Camille Brown Schenkkan works for Center Theatre Group as the educational programs manager, focusing on nurturing the careers of emerging theatre professionals, and volunteers as the Development Director for Circle X Theatre Co.

“My job allows me to form relationships with young people through our youth programming and internships. I love being a part of their lives and, hopefully, helping them find their career path,” she says. She loves her job and hopes to continue there for many years.

Scripps has helped her excel in her job by providing her with the ability to write well. “Communicating with clarity and brevity is essential in many fields, including arts management,” said Schenkkan. “Scripps also helped me develop the confidence to speak my mind; now that I work with teens and young adults, I see how rare this is, especially among young women.”

Schenkkan is married to Zack Schenkkan (PO ’06), who just finished his second year of law school at UCLA. They live with two house rabbits, Bumblebee and Eeyore, and a cat, Totoro.

Photo credit: Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging for Center Theatre Group


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