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2013 Summer Table of Contents

Thirty Under Thirty

The Millennial Mark

Vice President and Dean of Faculty Amy Marcus-Newhall asks, "Who are the Millennials?"

by Amy Marcus-Newhall

Sara Gershfeld ’08

Sara Gershfeld ’08 is putting her Scripps education to good work. A dual major in psychology and neuroscience at Scripps, she works to ensure children with special needs are receiving the education and services they require.

Maya Guice ’12

“I do as much freelance dance work as possible,” Maya Guice says. She performs with the Melinda Sullivan Dance Project, a multi-discipline tap dance company. Guice recently participated in Dance For Life in Palm Springs and the Colburn Tap Festival.

Erin Coleman ’11

Erin Coleman finds managing a small record label company comes with many responsibilities, and when you’re one of only two employees—including the owner—you learn to handle multiple projects.

Zoe Larkins ’09

Zoe Larkins is living her art-world dream. The former art history major works at the Whitney Museum of Art in New York as a curatorial assistant to the chief curator.

Veronica Gledhill ’06

Veronica Gledhill stays on top of the latest news and trends in fashion, design, and culture, often drawing on her Scripps roots to help contextualize fashion for her readership by translating the runway trends into fashion spreads and editorials for New York magazine.

Sydney Freggiaro ’09

Three minutes may seem like the blink of an eye, but when you’re choreographing one continuous shot for a music video for The Mowgli’s, every second counts.

Sarah Moos ’09

Sarah Moos works to reclaim urban spaces as urban gardens to help create a healthier environment and is now an associate at Bionic, a landscape architecture and planning firm in San Francisco.

Sarah Holden ’07

Sarah Holden learned to sew from her grandmother when she was seven years old. Those early lessons paid off well for the designer, who says she has a “lifelong love of making and designing clothing.”

Rachael Warecki ’08

Even the sky may not be the limit for Rachael Warecki. After a two-year stint as a Teach For America corps member in a Los Angeles charter school, Warecki now oversees Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport social media channels—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever new mode comes along.

Mikaela Rodriguez ’08

Mikaela Rodriguez spent her first year after Scripps in Indonesia teaching English on a ten-month Fulbright fellowship. Travelling in Southeast Asia, she found that Scripps readied her for life as an activist.

Lauren Ross ’07

Lauren Ross came to Scripps with a love for art. That love was further nurtured by her Scripps professors, said the former studio art major.

Lauren Dominguez ’10

Don’t mess with Lauren Dominguez ’10. She’s a group fitness instructor, certified in boot camp, strength training, and yoga sculpt. She is also pursuing a dual JD/MBA program with a marketing concentration at University of San Diego Law School.

Kelsey Moore ’07

Kelsey Moore travels the world to improve health care as part of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, a Seattle-based health research organization funded primarily by the Gates Foundation.

Kelly Christ ’08

Even though Kelly Christ works amid the grandeur of The Music Center in Los Angeles, that’s not why she loves her job. As educational communications coordinator for Center Theatre Group, she relishes her role in supporting the development of young people through their exposure to theatre.

KC Mautner ’12

KC Mautner joined Teach For America and was placed in the New Orleans region. She currently teaches ninth grade inclusion special education, with a focus on math and English, in Chalmette, Louisiana, about 20 minutes outside of New Orleans.

Katy Lind ’06

Katy Lind nurtures her creativity as an account manager at Root Inc. She builds clarity within corporate organizations so that employees own and engage in company strategies. Hers is no ordinary desk job.

Katie Lesyna ’12

While at Scripps, Katie Lesyna ’12 was gratified by the support her peers, professors, and advisors gave her to make studying abroad in Kenya a reality and finding ways to learn Swahili, even though no formal Swahili classes were offered. Now Lesyna is continuing to learn the language on a Fulbright Student Research Grant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Kate Sims ’06

As senior designer at Molly Isaksen Interiors in Beverly Hills, Kate Sims finds joy in exceeding clients’ expectations.

Katherine Getts ’09

Katherine Getts says Scripps taught her to pay attention to both the individual details and the big picture. Her undergraduate education, particularly thesis, provided her with a strong foundation for making connections between academic disciplines, integrating information, and applying it to a question of interest.

Kate Lindsay Scher ’06

Kate Lindsay Scher never envisioned herself working at Xbox; her self-designed major focused on commercial design with an emphasis in advertising. Now, however, she’s playing a pivotal role in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries.

Joss Greene ’12

Joss Greene anticipated a career in public health or counseling. As an undergraduate, he spoke out eloquently on personal wellness and healing, particularly regarding the transgender experience, and was senior speaker at Commencement. Then, after graduation, he took a job as registrar of a small community high school.

Jennifer Loesch ’09

What do The Great Gatsby, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey all have in common? Jennifer Loesch ’09 helped promote them worldwide.

India Mullady ’11

“In consulting we hunt in packs.” That’s the motto India Mullady has spent the last two years driving toward as she kicked off a high-speed career at Deloitte Consulting. Teaming with her colleagues, Mullady has traveled the United States pursuing the most innovative people solutions for clients.

Fatima Elkabti ’09

Even before she came to Scripps College, Fatima Elkabti wanted to open people’s eyes. Fitting, then, that she’s on the path to becoming an optometrist at UC Berkeley.

Erin Okamoto ’08

In the five years since graduation, Erin Okamoto has found her Scripps education incredibly valuable, in more ways than she expected. With perseverance, faith, passion, and a bit of luck, Okamoto landed a position with Sephora in San Francisco.

Erin Paulson Brooks ’06

Erin Paulson Brooks began college lacking in self confidence and found her voice at Scripps. She has since used her voice—and considerable talents—to start and run her own business and provide care for her one-year-old daughter, Sloane Elizabeth.

Emilie Docter ’11

Emilie Docter says Scripps College made her confident in her career choices before many of her peers from others schools knew what they wanted to do.

Ellie Cross ’07

As a Scripps student, Ellie Cross traveled between Tibet and Nepal as part of the College’s off-campus study program. She fell in love with the region and knew if there was an opportunity to return, she’d jump at the chance. She got her wish.

Elizabeth Lopez ’09

Elizabeth Lopez is passionate about serving others, especially those from underserved communities and women of color.

Elisa Beneze ’09

Elisa Beneze enjoys solving problems, a big part of her workday as confidential staff assistant. And if she doesn’t know the answer to something, she knows how to get it, something she credits to her Scripps education. “Scripps provided me with a skill-set to approach new problems and find answers,” she says.

Duyen Tran ’10

Duyen Tran received a dream of an award as a sophomore at Scripps when the IIPP gave her a five-year fellowship with specially designed education and training experiences critical for a future in international affairs.

Della Taylor ’11

Della Taylor is a passionate, creative cook who is taking a calculated risk. Two years after graduating from Scripps with a degree in sociocultural anthropology, she is building her own catering business in San Francisco.

Corey Jay ’12

Nestled in southern Peru, the city of Cusco is the perfect waypoint for the adventurous spirit. Surrounded by the beauty of the Andes, the history of the Inca, and the culture of South America, it’s no surprise Corey Jay returned to the “navel of the universe” after spending a semester there through Scripps’ off-campus study program.

Clio and Mirabelle Korn

One peers at molecules under a microscope, the other explores the vast expanse of literature. One orders test tubes and safety-checks wire connections, the other analyses Nabokov’s "Lolita." Both graduated with honors from Scripps.

Claire Calderón ’12

Inspired by her mother’s passion for her work as a public school teacher, Claire Calderón is now making a vast difference for low-income youth at a public elementary school in San Leandro, California. She admits, “I think secretly, she’d been preparing me for the opportunity to teach my whole life.”

Candace Kita ’11

A love for art of all kinds prepared Candace Kita ’11 for her current job at a “small, spunky, site-specific dance company in Los Angeles,” the Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre.

Camille Brown Schenkkan ’06

Camille Brown Schenkkan works for Center Theatre Group as the educational programs manager, focusing on nurturing the careers of emerging theatre professionals, and volunteers as the Development Director for Circle X Theatre Co.

Ariane Mohr-Felsen ’09

An environmental analysis major, Ariane Mohr-Felsen focused her thesis on outdoor education. And a career was born.

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In Their Own Words

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