Who’s minding the Store? Scripps students are

Scripps StoreWhen Manon Zouai ’13 was a child, she created fake budgets on her computer for fun, using Microsoft Money. Zouai uses those skills in her current job at the student-run Scripps Store.

Zouai worked for three years as a cashier at the Scripps Store before applying for a leadership role, and the head managers believed Zouai’s detail-oriented approach to finances made her best suited to be accounting manager. It helped that Zouai used her habit of creating spreadsheet budgets at Scripps to keep track of her spending. As accounting manager, Zouai is responsible for creating the Scripps Store’s budget for the year and checking in regularly with the Vice President of Business Affairs and Treasurer Joanne Coville to ensure everyone is staying within the budget.

One of the innovative steps Zouai and her coworkers have taken this year is in promoting sales. The store advertises sales online, taking advantage of their recently developed social media presence as part of a new marketing push. And while the Scripps Store currently passes on its profits to the College, it is in the process of petitioning to gain financial independence.

“Our goal is to keep our own money,” Zouai said. “We would like to be able to offer scholarships; as a work-study organization, we are committed to diversity and helping out students financially.”

Zouai said when the store opened more than 10 years ago, it was envisioned as an entirely student-run organization that would benefit not only the students who work there, but also those who shop for our products. Today, the Scripps Student Store provides a service to the greater Scripps community and the 5C community, including students, faculty, staff, parents, and alumni/ae. “In addition,” she said, “we are moving to increase our support for socially-conscious organizations, such as Homeboy Industries, in order to extend our benefits to other communities.”

Since her early cashier days at the Scripps Store, Zouai was excited by the idea of a student-run business. As a manager, the experience has taught Zouai how vital finances are to the functioning of all businesses.

“I was already financially aware. And now I’ve learned more about how Scripps works as a business,” she said. “I know these skills will serve me well while I’m at Scripps and after I graduate.”

The Scripps Store is a nonprofit, student-run business. The Scripps Store’s merchandise selection is created through the input of customers in order to meet requests of the entire community. We strive to create a positive and enjoyable environment where our employees learn job skills necessary to run a business. 


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