On the Money

by Mary Bartlett

Not so long ago, it wasn’t considered nice for women to talk about money. Now, Scripps women lead the discussion on many fronts.

The world of finance gives us much to talk about. In this issue, we look at the wage gap women face, the costs of higher education—for both liberal arts colleges and the for-profit sector—and the positive impact three recent strategic gifts are making on the College’s future.

We also feature Scripps programs that prepare students to handle their own finances, analyze the stock market, and be “money-wise women,” along with the student enterprises that put our students’ good business sense to work.

We share advice from experts in the fields of banking, financial management, and business.

And we tell the stories of a handful of dynamic women who have taken their grounding in the humanities at Scripps to forge successful careers in the world of finance.

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Mary Shipp Bartlett

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