Commencement 2012

2012 Commencement

The Scripps College 82nd Commencement convened May 12 on Elm Tree Lawn. On a blue-sky day, 227 students received their degrees, along with cheers and best wishes from faculty, staff, family, and friends. Speakers included Zainib Salbi, founder of Women for Women International; Claire Calderón ’12; and President Lori Bettison-Varga.

Zainib Salbi, Commencement Address excerpt:

Zainab Salbi“There is no better teacher than mother earth herself. You see, a tulip does not question its right to come out, it just comes out. A water spring does not ask, ‘Can I come out in this spot or that spot?’ It just comes out. It does not ask, ‘Is my water sweet enough for you?’ A bee does not ask for permission to sting when it feels in danger, it just stings. A volcano never worries about erupting, it just erupts.

So, what if you allow yourself the same clarity a tree has when it blossoms in the spring?

What if you allow yourself the same peace a waterfall has in its strength? What if you spread your wings in fullness without hesitation or fear? How will the air feel? Where will your heart take you?”

Claire Calderón, Senior Class Speaker excerpt:

Claire Calderon ’12“I love Scripps in a multi-dimensional way. Never simple. Rarely neat. Just as when I look at my fellow classmates, I do not see one experience of the world that is easy to pin down. But I do see a group of distinct and extraordinarily bright and capable people whom I have a great deal of respect for. My love for Scripps motivates me to demand more. To strive for a community in which everyone who takes up space here is recognized, celebrated, and accommodated as they ought to be.

I’d like so very much to send us off knowing that we will not be afraid to challenge what we are given. That we will keep digging deep, deep, deep until we find those juicy roots. That we will plant our uncompromising seedlings and water them fiercely. To make our deliberate and daring mark on the world. Congratulations, Class of 2012. Our stories are just getting started.”

Lori Bettison-Varga, Charge from the President excerpt:

Lori Bettison-Varga“I charge you with planting the seeds La Semeuse has sown at Scripps. There are three: the good seeds of thought, action, and life.

Thought: Continue to think deeply and critically about the issues of our day; continue to challenge your assumptions and the assumptions of others; continue to think for yourself, rather than bow to the thoughts of another. Feel free to change your mind, if the evidence warrants.

Action: Thinking deeply is not enough. At some point, you need to act based on the best information in the time available….Citizenship— of this country, of the world—is not a passive endeavor!

Life: Live the values of your Scripps education your entire life…. My hope is that by your 60th reunion you will be as inquisitive as you were these four years, and that your thirst for new learning will remain insatiable.”

Above: From left, Amanda Clemm, Jordan Everett, and Keri Ishibashi celebrate their academic success.