A Life in Motion

Maya Guice ’12

Maya Guice ’12 hasn’t stopped dancing since she was three.

“I never thought much about it,” says Guice, while on a recent dance tour through Africa. “Dancing was something I just did.”

While she was a high school senior, Jazz Tap Ensemble, a Los Angeles-based professional dance company, invited her to join its ranks for its 25th anniversary celebration in New York. As a college senior, Guice was again invited by Jazz Tap Ensemble to participate in a goodwill tour through Africa organized by the U.S. Department of State (DOS).

The ensemble toured the Democractic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, arranged through the DOS. Events included press conferences, meet-and-greets with local politicians, and ensemble-led tap dance workshops for youth who’ve never even seen tap shoes. All performances, workshops, master classes, and lectures were offered free of charge.

“Our actual concert performances were the least relevant part of our work there,” said Guice. “And we’ve had the privilege of working with the best artists in each of the countries we’ve visited,” she says. “My tour in Africa was amazing, exhausting, and so satisfying.”

Guice returned to Claremont in time to swap her tap shoes for a cap and gown, graduating in May with a degree in dance/performing arts administration.

Guice plans to work with multiple contemporary dance companies in Los Angeles, while auditioning in New York City and Chicago.


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