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Inspired by Nature

Inspired by Nature

Adventure-wise OWLs

Outdoor Women Leaders (OWL), the Scripps College-based 5C outdoor-adventure club, challenges its members to lead and succeed.

by Summer Dowd-Lukesh '14

Deep Research

Students set out to sea in Professor Sarah Gilman’s marine ecology course.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Field of Streams

Mt. Baldy offers more than a beauty shot for photographers or a playground for skiers. Professor Branwen Williams leads her students on watery discoveries.

by Carolyn Robles and Megan Goldman ‘15

Firmly Rooted

Assistant Professor of Biology Bryan Thines shares his enthusiasm over plants with his students in the W.M. Keck Science Department.

by Brenda Bollinger

Leapin’ Lizards!

Lizards, snakes, and frogs—and even bighorn sheep—provide an exciting day for biology students.

by Marylou Ferry

Learning in the Great Outdoors

From the mountains to the beaches to the desert, Scripps students expand their study of nature and the environment in innovative ways.

Natural Legacy

The College’s ground crew maintains Miss Scripps’ vision for the campus with sustainable methods and a focus on historical preservation.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

The Constant Gardener

Pat Welsh ’51 lives in her own Garden of Eden and shares her knowledge with others. Stalled early on, her career took off in her middle years. The prolific writer and plant expert has yet to slow down.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

The Wisteria That Wouldn’t Give Up

She fell in love with a purple wisteria as a Scripps student. Now, after years of struggle, a purple wisteria has wound its way into her garden and her heart.

by Pat Welsh '51

Alumnae Speak

Courage in the Canyon

An alumna challenges herself to overcome white-knuckle fear on a family excursion.

by Joanne Glass Keith '63

Green is her favorite color

I've been interested in environmental design since my days at Scripps. What began with landscape projects—like the Scripps Student Garden—grew to the scale of whole sustainable neighborhoods, as I worked as a sustainable development consultant with architects, engineers, planners, and developers to design and construct green buildings and communities.

by Megan Ritchie Saffitz '02

Legally Green

After two years, I made the decision to apply to law school—a decision not viewed favorably by several of my relatives. I was told growing up that I could be anything I wanted as long as it wasn't a lawyer.

by Kathryn Baxendale '08

Preserving Seal Pond’s Beauty

"The mosaics of Seal Pond are the most permanent and visible legacy of the influence of Millard Sheets on a generation of Scripps art students," says Jennifer Minasian Trotoux '92. "They are more than just a charming feature of the former art department courtyard."

Saving the Squid

With a National Geographic Explorer's Grant in hand, Samantha Cheng '09 is in Indonesia's Coral Triangle this summer conducting research on bigfin reef squid, work that she hopes will lead to better protection of the squid, which are a significant source of protein and economy for Indonesia.

Urban Farmer: Sue Talbot ’69

"Sustainability isn't just a cause or a buzzword," says Sue Talbot ’69. "It's a lifestyle to do what you can, when you can, to help the environment. And it's a whole lotta fun."

by Matt Hutaff

Browsing Room

A Life in Motion

Maya Guice '12 hasn't stopped dancing since she was three. "I never thought much about it," says Guice, while on a recent dance tour through Africa. "Dancing was something I just did."

A Moment of Change: Adrienne Rich May 16, 1929-March 27, 2012

Adrienne Rich, one of the most influential writers of the feminist movement, died March 27 at 82 in her home in Santa Cruz, California. In the early 1980s, Rich was a distinguished visiting professor at Scripps College.

A Tip of the Hat

What people are talking about on campus.

Breaking Records at Scripps

Fifteen Scripps College students and alumnae were offered Fulbright grants this spring—a threefold increase since 2008.

by Matt Hutaff

Claremont Colleges Receive $3.6 Million to Spur Life Science Leaders

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has awarded $3.6 million to The Claremont Colleges to support efforts that prepare undergraduates to become leaders in science research and medicine.

Commencement 2012

The Scripps College 82nd Commencement convened May 12 on Elm Tree Lawn. On a blue-sky day, 227 students received their degrees, along with cheers and best wishes from faculty, staff, family, and friends. Speakers included Zainib Salbi, founder of Women for Women International; Claire Calderón '12; and President Lori Bettison-Varga.

Fruits of the Their Labor

Professor Nancy Neiman Auerbach merges her interests in sustainable agriculture with San Antonio High School's Food Justice Program to create a feast using using locally grown citrus and vegetables from the high school garden.

Magical Evening for Collectors’ Circle

The newly formed Collectors' Circle began a tradition at Scripps with its first series of events to raise funds for the acquisition of art to enhance the Scripps College Collections— and, most important, to complement the College's art curriculum.

Under the Sea

Driving to work in the morning, you might not realize your car is harming the Earth's oceans. Yet compelling research co-authored by Branwen Williams, assistant professor of environmental analysis, reveals we're not only poisoning our water supply with carbon dioxide emissions, we're doing so on a scale unseen for 300 million years.

by Matt Hutaff

Post Scripps

Water Wise

What began as an internship while I was a student at Scripps turned into a full-time job.

by Vaidehi Campbell '00