Pathway to Global Health

by Erin Fry Sosne ’05

Erin Fry Sosne

I have been fortunate to apply my Scripps education and subsequent master’s in public health from George Washington University to advance policies that address some of the inequities that plague the world’s children. PAT H is an international nonprofit that works in 70 countries to improve the health of people in developing countries through innovation. For the past year, I have led the organization’s global and U.S. child health advocacy to promote policies that address the needs of children in the developing world.

My work has taken me from vaccine policy discussions at the World Health Organization in Geneva to a United Nations treaty negotiation in Uruguay.

Yet the most rewarding experience has been witnessing the impact these policies have on people. On a recent trip to rural Western Kenya, I met with a group of young girls who had benefited from U.S. foreign assistance. U.S. support for latrines in schools enables these girls to attend school during menstruation, something that previously cut girls’ education short.

At a time when many Americans are struggling to feed their own families, it can be difficult to make the case for spending U.S. tax dollars overseas. Yet providing girls and boys, like those I met, with access to vaccines, nutrition, and clean water creates the foundation for healthy communities, and in turn, a more peaceful, secure, and prosperous world for all. Comprising just 1% of the total federal budget, foreign assistance is one of the best investments we can make.

Equipped with the confidence, courage, and hope from my Scripps experience, I look forward to continuing to learn and serve through public policy.

Erin Fry Sosne is a government affairs officer with PATH in Washington, D.C. On August 11, she married Justin Sosne. The photo above was taken in Istanbul on their honeymoon.


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