Karibu Tanzania!

Katie Lesyna ’12

Katie Lesyna ’12 is one of 16 recent Scripps graduates who were offered a Fulbright grant this year to teach English or conduct research abroad. She invites you to follow her adventures and her research on the Scripps College website.

Prior to leaving for Tanzania in September, she posted:

Karibu Tanzania! I can’t wait to hear those words once again, as I am welcomed into Tanzania.

I have spent my past two summers in Tanzania volunteering and coordinating for Support for International Change (SIC), an organization focused on limiting the impact of HIV/AIDS in rural communities in Tanzania. I also studied abroad in Kenya with the School for International Training (SIT). I couldn’t help but fall in love with East Africa and be inspired by the strength and selflessness of the people I met along the way, particularly those fighting against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in their own communities.

On September 14, I will arrive in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. While there, I will conduct public health research that will focus on the relationship between psychosocial characteristics of HIVpositive adolescents and their caregivers. My research will delve into how the caregivers’ perceptions and attitudes regarding HIV/AIDS impact the adolescents’ acceptance of their status, emotional wellbeing, and perceptions of their future. I will also audit classes in the Master’s of Public Health program at Muhimbili University of Health and Applied Sciences.

I am excited to return to the communities that welcomed me with open arms and get to know a new community, as I explore the city of Dar es Salaam.

I look forward to sharing my experiences online with the Scripps community.


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