Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Bold Debate

A Better World

Alison Omens ’06 puts the passion and commitment she gained at Scripps to give workers a voice.

by Alison Omens ’06

A Politician’s Physical Appeal Influences Real Electoral Outcomes

Michael L. Spezio, assistant professor of psychology, and Laura Loesch ’09, use brain imaging to discover how a politician’s physical appeal influences real electoral outcomes. Their groundbreaking research is published in a scientific paper in Political Psychology, May 2012. Professor Spezio explains the process and results.

by Michael L. Spezio, assistant professor of psychology, Scripps College

An Hour of Inspiration

A private meeting with noted economist Dr. Alice Rivlin at the Brookings Institution this summer inspires Elizabeth McElvein ’14, the Gabrielle Giffords ’93 Intern in Public Service at Scripps.

by Elizabeth McElvein '14

Big Changes Ahead

Recent graduate Haeyoung Yoon plays a key campaign role with the Korean American community in Los Angeles.

by Rosa Maria Santana

Critical Connections

Julie Epstein Bronstein '90 uses her public policy and fundraising skills to help people advance causes.

by Julie Epstein Bronstein '90

Ending Childhood Hunger

Strong women mentors at Scripps led Annelise Cohon to tackle ongoing and serious social issues.

by Annelise Cohon '07

Ideas into Law

Nonpartisan counsel Katherine Taylor '05 drafts groundbreaking child sex-trafficking legislation.

Let’s Debate the Issues — Productively

What Mandy Thompson ’06 learned in Scripps’ Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities inspires her today as she confronts the dysfunction of modern-day politics.

by Mandy Thompson ’06

Mediating Justice

Amy Wind's social justice career began at Scripps and continues today as she uses her skills to solve people's problems.

by Robert Bradford

Money and Politics

Political consultant Anna Ekindjian Edwards tells us how the fixation on big money can lead to psychological disenfranchisement of voters.

by Anna Ekindjian Edwards '98

Pathway to Global Health

Erin Fry Sosne ’05 promotes policies addressing the needs of children in the developing world.

by Erin Fry Sosne ’05

Power Politics

An American politics class at Scripps inspires a student to question an assumption.

by Christina Noriega '13

Post Scripps

Finding Sisterhood in Unexpected Places

I am thankful for the military wives who help get me through day to day and for the sisterhood they offer. I hope I am able to return the favor.

by Sarah Prehoda Turpin '96

Editor's Page

A Brain’s Lament

I'm taking all I've learned into a voting booth on November 6, trusting that the American political process and my brain still work well. Or well enough.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Browsing Room

A Tip of the Hat

What people are talking about on campus.

Driving Positive Political and Social Change

Scripps College is taking a leading role in empowering women worldwide to engage in public service. As a full partner in the Women in Public Service Project (WPSP), Scripps is advancing a generation of women leaders who will invest in their countries and communities, provide leadership in their governments, and change the way global solutions are forged.

Karibu Tanzania!

Katie Lesyna '12 is one of 16 recent Scripps graduates who were offered a Fulbright grant this year to teach English or conduct research abroad. She invites you to follow her adventures and her research on the Scripps College website.

Lessons from the Campaign

Working on the campaign for 16 months helped me crystallize my personal political views, honed my communication skills, and made me realize—to my surprise—that I, too, was ready to steer myself into a role as a public servant.

by Ambika Bist '15

Mentor Extraordinaire: My Years with Adrienne Rich

Adrienne Rich was a woman who thought deeply about women, an outsider who made the role of the outsider a road map for the future. She cared about the poor, the disenfranchised, the world, and her art. Now her words are engraved on the walk between Scripps and Keck Science: "The moment of change is the only poem."

by Cheryl Walker

Ode to My Single Mother

It is here, and in places like Scripps College, where the fight for women's equality must continue. You are not only the beneficiaries in this battle, but, more important, you are the agents of change. You are the ones who will show the world what bright, educated women are capable of doing. You are the ones with big dreams and even bigger potential, and you are not alone.

Summer in Beirut

While conflicts in the Middle East generated headline news, this summer three Scripps College students lived in Lebanon and either met with Palestinian refugees or interned at a conflict management think tank in Beirut.

Alumnae Speak

House That for Coincidence?

There are close to 100 million single detached homes in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There are 12,307 Scripps College alumnae, living and deceased. So, what are the odds that one house would have been home at separate times to three non-related Scripps College alumnae?

Jennie and Derek Werner: Giving back to country and college

Jennifer "Jennie" Jackson '81 met Derek Werner (CMC '80) in college and soon married. But at age 30 they joined the U.S. Army - and a four-year stint turned into 23 remarkable years spent all over the globe.