Registrar Carol Entler “Graduates” with Class of 2011

by Zaneh Williams ’13

Carol Entler

For 24 years, Registrar Carol Entler has watched with an eagle eye to ensure that more than 4,000 Scripps College students have met all the College’s requirements so they can receive their diplomas.

Known for her conscientious attention to detail, the College’s registrar oversees an office with an open door to students for their academic enrollment and registration needs. Entler is also in charge of the electronic student records system, the semiannual registration handbook, academic calendar and final examination schedule, and transcript and enrollment certification for all students and alumnae, among other requirements where accuracy is essential.

Entler has been a force in making important changes in the role of registrar since she joined the College in 1987. In the mid 1990s, she was a member of the Five College intercollegiate team that created a real-time registration system for all schools in the Consortium that includes billing, student housing, alumni database, and admissions. As project manager for Scripps College, Entler helped the cross-registration system go live in 2001; this means that students from all of the five colleges can register with access to the same data. The system has been updated to include a portal where faculty can access class lists and post grades. In the next few months, Entler hopes to complete a project that will interface with the National Clearing House so students can receive electronic transcripts.

After June 30, Entler plans to move with her husband to a new home in Rancho Cucamonga and do more reading and community work. She says she is going to miss the beauty of the campus, the energetic environment, and “the challenges that change brings.”


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