From the Editor

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Spring PR interns

Why does PR have so many interns? The easy answer is that they work hard and fetch the mail. Truth is we do a better job of reporting what is happening at Scripps when they are here to give us no-nonsense opinions on how we present images and information. They have all taken Core, so they’re good at that.

Take the cover of this issue, for example — a recreation of an iconic image with a “Scripps twist.” Since we focus on public service in this issue, we wanted a cover that represents one empowered woman rather than everywoman. Our students offered suggestions, and designer Jay Toffoli created an image that captures the feeling of empowerment and positive action so prevalent in our Scripps students and alumnae.

You probably won’t find a student — or alumna — looking exactly like our “Rosie.” The Scripps Rosie is tough, but not hardened; ready to take on the world on her own terms, yet willing to be part of a team. We think she represents the type of Scripps individual you can read about throughout this issue.

I hope you enjoy several articles in Browsing Room written by some of our PR interns. These young writers are so accomplished that perhaps one day we’ll be writing about them. Which leads me to report on a new feature in the magazine: Alumnae writers and their craft. An excerpt from a new book by Margaret O’Brien Dilloway ’96 and an interview with Alison Singh Gee ’86 begin on p. 24. We will feature many more alumnae writers in future issues, including novelists Katie Anawalt Arnoldi ’80 and Michelle Huneven ’73; light-verse writer Natasha Chapro Josefowitz ’48; poet Lynne Thompson ’72; “licensed property” writer Stacia Deutsch ’90; and feminist theologian Rosemary Radford Ruether ’58, among others.

Happy reading.

Mary Shipp Bartlett

Above: Office of Public Relations interns who contributed to Scripps Magazine meet on the steps leading to Stewart Court in early March. From left, front row: Andrianna Betts ’11, Shane Zackery ’14, Mine Kawamura ’12, Zaneh Williams ’14, and Ann Mayhew ’13. Back row: Lauren Becker ’14 and Susan Bryant ’13. Not pictured is Calyx Gaston ’13.