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Table of Contents


Doing Good So Others Can Do Well

Susan Warmbrunn finds dedication, drive, and a "certain amount of chutzpah" in Scripps women's outreach to others in need.

by Susan Warmbrunn

Post Scripps

My Very Own Dakota Fanning

"It seems natural to compliment girls and women on appearance. We assume that such comments are appreciated. And in the short term, they usually are; we feel pride at knowing that our recent haircut, weight loss, or new outfit has been noticed. Yet compliments have their drawbacks. Sometimes they feel like pressure to the recipient because they convey a certain expectation. And they serve to communicate that it is the superficial trappings of femininity that are most culturally esteemed — hair, skin tone, clothing, and weight. Girls subject to constant commentary about appearance will come to believe that their value hinges on their ability to capture the attention of others."

by Dana Udall-Weiner '97

Alumnae Speak

A writer learns from every experience

"Being a writer is not for the timid or fearful," says Alison Singh Gee ’86. "You have to challenge yourself, if not physically, then emotionally and intellectually."

by Kristina Brooks

How to Be an American Housewife

Margaret O’Brien Dilloway was inspired by her Japanese mother’s experiences and by a book her father had given her mother, "The American Way of Housekeeping," to write her first novel, "How to Be an American Housewife," published in July 2010 by G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York. Margaret lives in Hawaii with her husband and their three young children. Inside is an excerpt from Chapter One.

by Margaret Dilloway ’96

Editor's Page

From the Editor

Why does PR have so many interns? The easy answer is that they work hard and fetch the mail. Truth is we do a better job of reporting what is happening at Scripps when they are here to give us no-nonsense opinions on how we present images and information.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Browsing Room

All Fired Up

The ceramic arts are thriving at Scripps College.

by Matt Hutaff

Bridging the Community

An interview with Claire Davies Bridge '82, assistant to the president.

by Matt Hutaff

Faculty News

Faculty updates with Tony Crowley, Cindy Forster, Ken Gonzales-Day, Alan Hartley, Mary Hatcher-Skeers, Hao Huang, Andrew Jacobs, Juliet Koss, Nancy Macko, Elise Magistro, Michael Spezio, and Jacqueline Wernimont.

Get On the Green Bus

Scripps College jumped two letter grades on the 2011 Green Report Card for its campus sustainability practices — and is aiming even higher.

Inside the Brain

No, this is not a high-tech beauty shop treatment. Rather, students in the Psychology Department's Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory course (Psyc123L) are readying a fellow student for a brain imaging experiment involving attentional processing and error detection. The upper-level course, taught by Professor Michael Spezio, prepares students to collect and analyze neuroimaging data.

Inspiring Hope

Scripps held a Candlelight Circle of Hope on January 18 on Bowling Green for the College and its wider community to come together to share their feelings about the traumatic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords '93 and 18 others in Tucson. Remembering the six lives lost and encouraging hope for Giffords and the other victims' complete recovery, the gathering offered comforting words, music and song, messages to Giffords from alumnae and friends from across the world, and prayerful silence as hundreds lit candles.

James Manifold Weighs Anchor

Not many people can say that they have seen almost half of the alumnae of Scripps College graduate. James Manifold, who retires this June as the College’s vice president of business affairs, is one who can.

by Ann Mayhew '13

Lost in Space

"I was lost. Had physics been a mistake? I had always been inspired by the night sky, and I had dreamed of what I might find out there. Every evening, as I turned to the strangely colored sky with its stars and galaxies, I was inspired to lay out their stories not in numbers, but in sentences."

by Marisa Finn '11

Nellie Scholarship Honors Ellen Clark Revelle ’31

Scripps College is offering an innovative scholarship — the "Nellie" — in memory of beloved alumna and former trustee, Ellen Clark Revelle '31. The scholarship, established by Revelle's children, will be available to continuing students who make excellent academic progress, fully engage in the Scripps College community and beyond through leadership activities, and who demonstrate financial need.

Registrar Carol Entler “Graduates” with Class of 2011

For 24 years, Registrar Carol Entler has watched with an eagle eye to ensure that more than 4,000 Scripps College students have met all the College’s requirements so they can receive their diplomas.

by Zaneh Williams ’13

S.D. Bechtel, Jr., Foundation Awards Scripps $1.46 Million to Enhance Integrated Science

Four years ago, the Joint Science Department, which serves students from Scripps, Claremont McKenna, and Pitzer Colleges, began an innovative yearlong program for firstyear students — the Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence, or AISS — that takes the place of three standard individual yearlong courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. Now, the S.D. Bechtel, Jr., Foundation has awarded Scripps College a $1.46 million grant to support integrated science education in the Joint Science Department by sustaining and enhancing AISS.

The Buzz

From impressive scholarships to "fiendishly bright students," here's what people are talking about on campus.