Up Close and Personal with New Faculty

by Alexis Vaughn '10

This fall, Scripps College welcomed 10 dynamic and accomplished scholars-teachers to open positions on the faculty. Student photographer-reporter Alexis Vaughn ’10 asked them to comment on their experiences so far — and photographed several at their favorite spots on campus.

Adam Davis, Assistant Professor of Art

Adam DavisBS, University Of Wisconsin, Madison; MFA, University Of Arizona

“Being a professional artist requires you to balance a minimum of three full-time jobs: making art, marketing yourself, and making a living. Luckily, I teach at a great institution, which, in addition to offering a stimulating and rewarding work environment, affords me the time and resources to strike that difficult balance.”

Latika Chaudhary, Assistant Professor Of Economics

Latika ChaudharyBA, UC Berkeley; PhD, UCLA

“What has surprised me about teaching here is that the students are always willing to take on so much. I can assign cutting-edge, graduate-level readings, and they will always give it a shot. They are well prepared and excellent at participating in class.

Favorite spot on campus: “I love the whole campus, but Margaret Fowler Garden is my favorite.”

Sean Flynn, Assistant Professor of Economics

Sean FlynnBA, MA, USC; PhD, UC Berkeley

“I like the broadminded, curious humility of the Scripps student body — a group that wants answers, but knows they may be elusive, and that knows finding most answers takes a lot of hard work.

“My favorite spot at Scripps comes with a favorite moment in time. It is facing downhill standing on the concrete walkway that runs through Jaqua Quadrangle while the citrus trees are in blossom. The view is lovely and the air redolent of a hundred years of soft spring evenings. Even better, one can turn around and — still smelling the blossoms — gaze up at the mountains and a million years of snow-capped winters.”

Ann Harley, Assistant Professor Of Music

Anne HarleyBA, Yale; MA, DMA, Boston University

“The students are extremely intelligent, well-spoken, and poised to make a positive contribution to the world. Also, there is a personal touch to many interactions that one doesn’t find at every college. Everyone knows your name — and your dog’s name.”

Favorite spot on campus: “Anywhere the sun is shining — almost everywhere and every day!

Andrew Jacobs, Associate Professor Of Religious Studies

Andrew JacobsAB, Brown; MA, PhD, Duke University

“I am delighted by the quality of the students — confident, articulate, and prepared. It’s really the best teaching situation an academic can hope for.

“Since my office is in Steele, and I’m teaching in Humanities this semester, I have this fantastic walk I’ve really come to enjoy — going through Honnold Gate, rounding the corner and passing that amazing double wooden door on Denison Library, and getting that cross shot of the campus — across to the Field House, down to Malott, along Balch. That daily reencounter with the campus is just amazing.”

France D. Lemoine, Assistant Professor Of French

France LemoineMA, UCLA; PhD, UC Berkeley

“The combination of intellect, humor, wit, and warmth which characterizes [both students and professors] has impressed me and made my first semester at Scripps astonishing.

“I love the stained-glass window in the Malott dining room through which the warm tones of the sun burst merrily onto the tables. Vivacious voices fill up the air with echoes reminiscent of the refectory hall of a mutinous monastery. For my French soul, the sharing of food and conversation is a fundamental ritual of sociability, and it has delighted me to find such a charming artifact of conviviality in Scripps’ commons.”

Warren Liu, Assistant Professor Of English

Warren LiuBA, UC Berkeley. MFA, University Of Iowa; PhD, UC Berkeley

“The students here really do all the reading, which is both surprising and delightful…My students here seem to know a lot more about how to successfully prepare a Thanksgiving turkey than I do. I only wish I had asked them to share this knowledge with me before Thanksgiving.

“I spend a lot of time in Margaret Fowler Garden… mainly because it’s such a serene little spot. Most times, I’m the only one there, so I’ve started to feel almost as if it’s my own private space!”

Sabrina Ovan, Assistant Professor Of Italian

MSabrina OvanA, PhD, USC

“The students are what delight me the most. Since Italian is only offered at Scripps, it is common to have all the five colleges represented in my classes: it is always an interesting and lively environment. I find myself laughing to tears in class because of some clever and funny activity or presentation by my students.

“The pool at the Tiernan field House is my favorite.”

Robert Pedace, Associate Professor of Economics

Roberto PedaceBA, CAL State San Bernardino; MA, PhD, UC Riverside

“I love working out at the beautiful Field House and have been absolutely delighted by my students’ studious nature. They work really hard, turn everything in on time, and have been super welcoming of me. I also try to balance a home life — I love to spend time playing soccer with my kids.”

Carmen Sanjuán-Pastor, Assistant Professor Of Hispanic Studies

BCarmen Sanjuan-PastorA, MA, Arizona State University; PhD, Stanford

“I enjoy seeing students pause on the campus paths to talk with each other — perhaps on their way to class, or a film festival in the Humanities building. As junior faculty, I particularly appreciate how involved everyone is — students, faculty, and the administration — in this common project; and how committed the College is in providing all community members with opportunities to pursue their interests in and out of class. The energy is so contagious here! Also, because people are open to new ideas and to interdisciplinary exchange, it is exciting to start thinking of possible collaborations with other faculty.”


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