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The Balancing Act

From the President

President’s Message

The theme of this issue of Scripps Magazine has me thinking about when I became a mother, and the demanding days and nights juggling three children and working toward my career in higher education.

by President Lori Bettison-Varga


Her “Many Gifts” Returned Fourfold

The importance of family is a recurring theme in the life of Barbara Bettison, mother of Scripps College President Lori Bettison-Varga.

In Conflict

Right after giving birth to her son, Liam, last April, Jennifer Reyes thought, "What have I done?"

Just Get it Done

Don't be fooled by the big smile, wavy blonde hair, and charming manner. Melinda Jo Sanchez is one tough lady.

Meeting Halfway

In the office of Career Planning & Research, Julie Boone Elliott shows Scripps women there is more than one way to balance marriage and family and a career.

Prescription for Success: Multitask!

Nancy Boutin's younger daughter, Mallory, says it is impossible for her mother to do just one thing at a time.

The Motherhood Mystique is Alive and Well

Illuminating new research by Scripps Professors Judith LeMaster and Amy Marcus-Newhall and Cal Poly Professor Bettina Casad.

The Power of Positive Living

Through all of her difficulties, Maria has kept a positive attitude. "I tell my girls [at Scripps], 'When times are hard, always look for the positive. Know that something better is waiting for you.'"

The Psychology of Work and Family

Scripps College students seek solutions to problems that have dogged women for generations.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett

Browsing Room

By the Numbers

What counts most to 14 current Scripps seniors? Academically, it all adds up to mathematics - their major of choice.

Everything Old is New Again

The walk from Clark Hall to Malott Commons became a stroll down memory lane in 2009 thanks to restoration efforts honoring the historic nature of Scripps College's landscape and architecture.

by Matt Hutaff

The Genius of Women in Science

Each year, Scripps College undergraduates in the Joint Science Department participate in important publishable research in collaboration with faculty.

The Sweet Smell of Social Activism

Scripps College may be known for its quiet campus, but its social voice is anything but silent.

by Michelle No '12

Up Close and Personal with New Faculty

This fall, Scripps College welcomed 10 dynamic and accomplished scholars-teachers to open positions on the faculty. Student photographer-reporter Alexis Vaughn '10 asked them to comment on their experiences so far — and photographed several at their favorite spots on campus.

by Alexis Vaughn '10

Post Scripps

The Non-Paid Working Mom

People regularly assume many things about my lifestyle, interest, and intelligence because I don't draw a salary. They can't fathom why I wouldn't want to get paid for my work or think of me as somehow short changing myself or endangering my future economically.

by Mary Waite Garvey '93

Editor's Page

“My Ever Present Past”

I wanted compromise between the way I had been raised and what I knew was possible - and found this hard to come by.

by Mary Shipp Bartlett