What happens at Scripps…

The word “interdisciplinarity” doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue. Yet it is heard with increasing frequency on the Scripps College campus, along with the more familiar adjective “interdisciplinary.”

At many colleges and universities, the terms are bandied about casually, almost becoming clichés. Not at Scripps.

Dion Scott-Kakures, director of the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities, explains how Scripps College takes interdisciplinarity seriously and what that means for students and faculty, in an article on the newly revised Core program, page 20. He says, “It is something we have to do if we’re going to get a grip on certain questions.”

This issue is filled with examples of interdisciplinarity. From the enormously successful Scripps College Academy to the three-semester offerings of Core to the Accelerated Integrated Science Sequence, the exposure to multiple disciplines and a careful study of how they interact is essential to the Scripps College experience.

It doesn’t end here. Graduates go on to lead rich, full lives inspired by exposure to a core of knowledge that furthers critical thinking. Alumnae often write in their class notes how their minds were stimulated and their lives enhanced by their time at Scripps. As Susan McCormack Metcalf ’97 writes in Alumnae Speak, page 29, “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spend four years at such an amazing, nurturing, challenging place as Scripps. Its cumulative effect will forever play a part in who I am.”

What happens at Scripps doesn’t stay at Scripps.

Mary Shipp Bartlett

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