Welcome, Professors!

by Shane Zackery '14

This fall, Scripps College welcomes seven vibrant and gifted scholars-professors who have filled tenure-track positions on the faculty. Student intern Shane Zackery ’14 asked them their impressions of life at Scripps so far.

David Cubek

David CubekAssistant professor of music, director of The Claremont Concert Orchestra

BMUS, McGill University; MA, Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec a Montreal; DM, Northwestern University

“I look forward to many years of teaching and performing music for the Scripps community. I also look forward to challenging myself and to learning and growing with students and colleagues.”

Patrick Ferree

Patrick FerreeAssistant professor of biology, Joint Science Department

BS, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; MS, Wake Forest University; PhD, UC Santa Cruz

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my [four] undergraduate research students. They are already becoming experts in both the techniques and the theory of their projects and have even begun to discover new things in the lab. It is an amazing process to watch.”

Sarah Gilman

Assistant professor of biology, Joint Science Department

BS, Stanford University; PhD, UC Davis

“I continue to be impressed by both the enthusiasm and initiative of Scripps students. After only a few months here, I’ve already been recruited as the faculty advisor for the Scripps Marine Biology Club and had several students contact me about senior thesis projects.”

Christine Guzaitis

Chris GuzaitisAssistant professor of gender and women’s studies

BA, Beloit College; MA, San Francisco State; PhD, UC San Diego

“What has most delighted me about Scripps is the College’s real commitment to interdisciplinarity, which should be a priority at liberal arts colleges since it is keeping with a liberal arts tradition.”

Mona Mehta

Mona MehtaAssistant professor of politics

BA, MA, University of Mumbai, India; MA, PhD, University of Chicago

“The warmth and friendliness of the Scripps community has been a delight to experience.”

Jutta Sperling

Jutta SperlingWilbur Kitchener Jordan Professor of the History of European Civilization

MA, Universitat Gottingen, Germany; PhD, Stanford

“I look forward to becoming a trusted colleague and mentor and to actively participate in the future shaping of this wonderful learning community.”

Jacqueline Wernimont

Jacqueline WernimontAssistant professor of English

BA, University of Iowa; MA, PhD, Brown

“This is a college that fosters interdisciplinarity, and I’m particularly keen to see students bridge the gaps between various humanistic and scientific disciplines.”


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